Snow Peak Ti 700 & Lite Max Stove

Here’s a quick review on my current Cook System. The Snow Peak LiteMax stove & Snow Peak 700 Titanium Mug.


2 thoughts on “Snow Peak Ti 700 & Lite Max Stove

  1. Wow Darwin, your an inspiration…I’m 64, sick with Agent Orange, including diabetes, hypertension, perpherial neuorapathy, and other inflections from two tours in Vietnam. I stumbled onto your video and was hooked. I never felt like walking but really enjoyed your treks. I started walking around my drive. I have moved up to one mile a day and I have purchased many of your mentions…can’t wait to camp. I got a hammock (3) with a bug net for a hike with an overnighter. I envy Snuggle and your’s lifestyle, if I wore a younger mans clothes I would join you on the trails..for now I’ll follow your videos. Thank so much, John Hunter, Collins, MO (GOD;s COUNTRY)..


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