The Origin of Snuggles

The following are excerpts from journal entries made within the first three days of my hike on the Appalachian Trail explaining how I earned my trail name.

Thanks to the persuasion of Darwin, I will continue to post various selections of journal entries from our four months on the trail. Not only did I document every day on the trail, but I also chronicled most of the events of 2015 leading up to our hike. These and other random pieces of evidence that I am huge geek, will be shared with you in the very near future.


3/10/15 Hawk Mountain Shelter, 9 miles

…There are a lot of people here at the shelter, a lot more than I expected. We were able to score a place in the shelter. Unfortunately we landed on the top shelf of the shelter and to what would be my mamaw’s dismay, I’m sleeping on the top with three other men including the husband. I think I freaked the other guys when I chose to sleep next to the ladder then with my own husband. I got to darn nervous about falling off the top shelf if I have to pee tonight…

3/11/15 Gooch Mountain Shelter, 9 miles

…I was able to talk a little more to my sleeping pal from last night Bill. Seems he also had concerns about getting up in the middle of the night to pee so we had no problems snuggling up to the ladder together… The husband and I were the second ones to arrive at the shelter and thankfully got a spot on the bottom floor. Easy pee access! Not to long after we arrived Bill and a few other hikers from last night arrived. Tonight I am sleeping next to Bill and the husband. Mamaw would feel a little better about this sleeping arrangement.

3/12/15 Unrecorded Campsite, 9 miles

…. Our third day on the trail and it happened, the husband and I got our trail names! The husband has been trying to name everyone he meets since day one and along with his beard, Mis-Placed and Gumby named him “Darwin”. As the day goes on he seems to find more reasons as to why this name is fitting for him. I also was as named by more a group decision. I was named Snuggles since I always seem to be snuggling up with the closest person next to me for either sleep or warmth. The funny thing is this person never seems to be Darwin but a majority of the time Bill…I was hoping for more of a bad-ass name then Snuggles but I’m more of a wiener most of the time anyways…at least I did not get named after any of my pooping habits…



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