A Turtle With Leg Hairs

4/9/15  –  Hogback Ridge Shelter  – 15miles

It got to about eighty degrees today. The wilderness around us is starting to really turn green and wake up from the winter. I started this beautiful day by falling and busting my knee right on a rock, rolling on my side and off the trail. I completely turtled myself. Just my luck that I had started out ahead of everyone so no one bore witness to my fall. I lay there on my back and enjoyed the view. I thought about the universe and thought about crying. After a few minutes of lying amongst the foliage, I was able to role onto my knees after I unhooked my pack and got back on trail. I checked myself out to find no blood but just a few scratches. I grabbed my pack looked around to see still no one and started hiking again.

I worried about my knee as I hiked feeling a bruise and bump already starting to form. I hiked only five miles when I stopped for an early lunch and popped some vitamin “I”. My back had started hurting within the last two weeks and I finally had to admit it was due to my pack. Having lost weight, I am maxing out my hip belt and constantly having to adjust it during the day. I have been fighting with Darwin and myself about this but I can’t fight it anymore. I’ll have to try and get a new one in Erwin, TN.

We passed a lot of pretty waterfalls today, which were great to see in the heat. It is really nice to dip our buffs in the cold water. It makes a difference during the climbs to cool off. I love following the waterfalls up and finding where they begin to flow. Not many people are able to take the time to do so.

*New sensation today: What I thought were bugs crawling on my legs was actually just my leg hairs blowing in the wind. I feel very rough and tough!



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