A typical day on the AT

4/13/15 – Random Campsite at Greasy Creek Gap – 16miles



This entry describes a terrible amount of food intake in one day. Most of the food listed below is junk. Apparently I was really hungry.

A break down of my day:

  • Wake up at 5:30am.
  • Pee
  • Eat a Cookie Dough Pop-Tart with Peanut Butter.
  • Pack my shit up in the tent.
  • Stop packing my shit to find a poo spot.
  • Holler at Roub (He got to close to my poo spot).
  • Finish packing my shit up.
  • Put on my stinky, sweaty boots.
  • Take down the tent.
  • Brush my teeth.
  • Pee
  • Look over campsite to make sure I have left nothing behind.
  • Pee
  • Start hiking.
  • Think about lunch.
  • After three miles, filter more water.
  • Pee
  • Hike through a section of wilderness that resembles the home of the Big Bad Wolf or possibly Maleficent.
  • Daydream about Disney Characters hiking with me and wondering around in the woods.
  • Wish I were a mermaid.
  • Eat a honey bun and think of my dad (he loves honey buns).
  • Think about other times in my life I have ate honey buns.
  • Hike a few miles.
  • Eat Cliff Bar.
  • Read the ever so positive message on the back of the Cliff Bar.
  • Hike a bit more before eating a Snickers Bar (I am super hungry).
  • Meet Darwin at a shelter for lunch.
  • Bitch about the eternity I hiked to get to the shelter for lunch.
  • Eat lunch consisting of two tortillas with pepperonis, cheese, and a side of Penguins (off brand Gold-Fish).
  • Discuss our mileage conquered and mileage left for the day.
  • Wait for Cider, Roub, and Supermoon at the shelter (tramily!).
  • Start falling asleep while waiting for tramily.
  • Start hiking again with parts of various Queen songs stuck in my head.
  • Wish I had brought my I-Pod.
  • Take a mental note I need to ask mom to send my I-Pod.
  • Wonder where I left my I-Pod at home.
  • Take my pack off, sit on a stump, and eat another honey bun.
  • Hike the last few miles to our campsite for the night.
  • Sit down and eat some more Penguins.
  • Pitch Tent.
  • Set out sleeping pad and bag.
  • Change into camp clothes.
  • Filter water for dinner.
  • Fix dinner consisting of Mac & Cheese with a tuna pack mixed in, M&M’s, and hot chocolate.
  • Take a poo.
  • Talk with tramily about food.
  • Talk with tramily about our day.
  • Filter more water.
  • Hang bear bag (or watch Darwin hang bag).
  • Snuggle in sleeping bag.
  • Review mileage for tomorrow.
  • Wonder what my family is doing.
  • Wonder what my Bowie Dog is doing.
  • Write in Journal.
  • Sleep



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