Random Musings Of A Zero Day

4/22/15 to 4/23/15 – Woodchuck Hiker Hostel – Damascus, Virginia

We did a nero into Damascus Wednesday and I can’t believe we are here! We walked under the arch, as have so many other hikers I have read about. I got here with my own two feet, me!

We had made prior arrangements to stay at Woodchuck’s thanks to Roub’s government phone. When we arrived, Darwin and I were rewarded with a huge mail drop from mom and sister along with new boots from Merrell. We showered and did our usual chores of laundry and resupply.

We lounged around the hostel Thursday deciding to take a full zero. Momma Roub was able to meet us in town although only for a few hours. After getting my mail drop from home, I felt the ache for family and visiting with her helped soothe me and filled the “mom void”.

Darwin and Supermoon being the cooks of the tramily, cooked up a big spaghetti dinner having free rein of the hostel kitchen. We shared our dinner with a few others and enjoyed great conversation with Woodchuck, Superwolf, Luna, One-Step and Prospector. While in town we ran into some old friends Hot Sauce, Cray-Nip and Lucky Strike. Lucky Strike informed us he would be getting off trail in a week. This made me realize how even the strongest hikers can be effected by the mental game of the trail.

Living such a communal life style such as ours is a quick way to spread sickness. Two female hikers have been laid up at the hostel for a few days. I know they are not dead but I have not seen either one out of bed. So far our tramily has stayed healthy. This also puts into prospective how easily a hike can end with illness. I am super thankful for my health.

The last hand of winter is not letting us go with the temperature dipping down into the 30’s again. When leaving Damascus we will have Mount Rogers to look forward to which is known for it’s low temps. I am ready for warmer weather and to retire my down jacket to full time pillow status.

While riding the high of clean clothes and full bellies Supermoon, Cider and I came to the agreement that once we reach Harper’s Ferry we shall buy AT Necklaces. Then like Captain Planet characters, when our necklace powers combine we shall create a super female hiker! Supermoon provides the power of dinosaur burps. Cider gives the power of the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude and I will bestow the power of pads and tampons!

It has been nice just hanging around pretending to be on a weekend away from work. I am however ready to hit the trail tomorrow. The towns can really suck you in after awhile and Damascus totally has a pull. We have all made plans to stay here again at Trail Days. I wonder what type of hikers we will be when we stay here again?



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