The Return to Trail

5/18/15  –  Random Campsite  –  12 miles

Today I felt great! I was sad to leave Mamma Roub after spending most of the week with her but not once did I find myself dreading the miles. I feel refreshed. We met new people today never once seeing any hikers we’ve met before. This really made me ponder just how many people are on the trail. I know there are tons out there we will never meet.

We came across our first trail swimming hole. I only stuck in my feet while Roub, Cruise Control, and Darwin swam out a bit. I could only laugh at them as they complained about the chilly water. We explored “Brant Shelter” a three-story shelter and one of the biggest on the AT. We ate a snack there and checked out the log book before pushing on. It was very tempting to stay at Brant but after living the life of luxury at Roub’s house for the last week, we all felt sleeping on a dirt floor was best.

After leaving Brant we had a few big ups but I did not fear, now that I have my IPod! I felt like I flew over the miles while jamming to Pink. Oh how I longed for my tunes! I was pretty sweaty when I arrived at our campsite for the night but was surprised at how good I felt. I could have totally done a few more miles today.

Now lying in the tent, I feel a bit tired and itchy from fresh mosquito bites but over all I feel changed from the last week. After having a week of slack-packing, a few zeros, Trail Days Fun, home cooking, soft beds, and family life, I feel the need for trail again. I hit my lowest low last week too. After feeling so at home at Roub’s house and after Davinci (Darwin’s Cousin) came out to visit and told me stories of Bowie (our Black Lab), I was extremely homesick. I had yet to feel that close to leaving trail and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I keep running that old saying in my head, once you hit rock bottom you can only go up and that is where I am at now, up.

Note: Uncle Tornado Tim the Lizard King of Detroit has hiked on while we were at Trail Days in order to get more miles in before his brother’s wedding. We have every intention of hiking again with him down the trail. SuperMoon stayed with Mamma Roub a little longer today in order to get her tent fixed. It doesn’t seem she was able to catch up with us today.


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