A Series of Unfortunate Events

6/21/15 – Random Campsite by Train Tracks Outside of Palmerton, PA – 17.5 miles

 I woke to more fog, this seemed to set the mood for the rest of the day…. fantasies of a warm breakfast were broken, the restaurant was closed…. I crossed Knife’s Edge only by the skin of my teeth…our final destination was bogus…. We have no water for the night…. We are facing Leigh High Gap first thing in the morning…. After the Leigh High climb we have a 13-mile stretch with again no water…Roub decided he will be hiking on without us…. I am lost and broken-hearted…. We are sleeping by train tracks; my papaw would be disappointed in me….

6/28/15 – Vernon, NJ – 10 miles – (MIKE AND CARON DAY!)

……Got chased by baby skunks (terrifying!)…. We met Mike and Caron at a hotel and were showered with love, hugs, and food from home…. I am so excited they are here!

6/30/15 – Stealth Spot – 6 miles

After taking a zero with Caron and Mike yesterday they returned to the trail with us…I am feeling better about life…. I am fueled by Donut Bank Cookies, BBQ Grippos and good conversation…we hit the trail starting an immediate 1,000-foot climb up the Stairway to Heaven…. Caron’s foot was starting to really hurt by lunch and was super swollen….We found a stealth spot after six miles and made camp….We made fun of Mike’s coffin tent and giggled by the campfire….

7/1/15 – Campsite by Waterfall – 13 miles

……Backtracked to the nearest road due to Caron’s feet being so swollen and painful…. Mike and Caron are off trail…. We have plans to meet tomorrow…. I am homesick without them and feel guilty for still hiking today…Darwin and I have decided to take another zero with them…I am homesick…I miss Roub…

7/3/15 – Holiday Inn Express – 0 miles

Slept in…. Darwin is not feeling well and has a fever…rotted our brains with TV most of the day…. Drove around West Point with Caron, Mike, and Darwin…. Took Darwin to the ER…Darwin was diagnosed with Ehrlichiosis (a tick borne illness)….

7/5/15 – Random Campsite – 16 miles

….I turned to look back at Mike and Caron but I had hiked out to far, I couldn’t see them…. I wish I could be more like Caron, what a wonderful friend she is…Darwin is feeling a lot better but is sensitive to the sun thanks to his medications…. We passed thru Bear Mountain Museum and Zoo, it was disgusting…

7/7/15 – Random Spot – 18 miles

….I ate a deli sandwich, hiked a few miles in the heat and felt like I could barf….We took a two-hour siesta…I jammed out to Back Street Boys on my IPod….Just before pitching out tent we got stuck in a storm….We just stood in the rain for twenty minutes waiting to pitch the tent…..at a break in the rain we pitched it, dove in, and stripped off our clothes….we sat in the tent naked for almost an hour laughing…..

7/11/15 – Laural Campsite – 21 miles

….I accidentally pooped in someone’s front yard….I slipped going to see a waterfall…I now have a huge ugly bruise on my ass cheek….….I am one with nature….I am living life-like Helen Hoover….

7/12/15 – Jess Treat Homestead – 8 miles

….discovered a Space Privy…..hung out with the great people at Jess’ place….enjoyed good pizza and good conversation….a bit disappointed there is no air-conditioning….mom says mamaw isn’t doing to good but it’s nothing to come home for…..


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