Our Last Days In The Wilderness

7/19/16     Random Campsite (Past Nahmakanta Stream Campsite)     24 miles

Holy Cow! We got up at 4:30am and busted out sixteen miles before 10am with The Spaniard! We saw Katahdin for the first time today along with lots of streams and ponds. The trail was beautiful and wonderfully flat. I have never seen any section flatter then what we hiked today. We only have forty-four miles left of the entire trail! I feel bad for all the SOBOs we pass. The hundred miles seems the easiest trail terrain and it is such a treat for us. SOBO’s are really in for a surprise as they continue South.

We received trail magic by some boy scouts right in the middle of the wonderful flat terrain. They had placed fruit cups, cheez-its, peanuts and other delicious snacks in blue bear canisters. It was such a great surprise.

The 100 Mile Wilderness is beyond beautiful. It is everything we have heard about and more. Between the terrain, the beauty out here, and the fact we are almost finished, I Snuggles busted out 24 miles! I am surprisingly not to sore (just a little stiff).

While setting up camp we met a hiker that starting following Darwin the last half of our trail life last year. Darwin and I had been wondering if we would get to meet her as she had recently done a flip-flop making it to Harper’s Ferry heading North then flipping up to Katahdin heading South.

7/20/16     Random Spot     21 miles

Wow! Another twenty miler today! It wasn’t as easy as yesterday but we were still able to do 10 miles before 10am! WooHoo! The last seven miles after lunch wasn’t as bad as this mornings hopscotch. We did have to power up with some coffee mid day to make our final push and took a longer lunch.

Tonight will be our last actual night on the trail. Tomorrow we will camp in Baxter State Park at the Birches. What a crazy feeling! We scored a great spot tonight with Apogee and Plyo on the edge of a beautiful pond. Our tent has a really great “water view”. We are all excited about breakfast at ABOL Bridge in the morning and our last ten miles to the Birches! We are all hoping the weather is good for a Friday summit! I can’t be believe we are so close to summiting!


     (A Look Ahead: This View Of Katahdin Is From ABOL Bridge)  

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