My Little Headlamp

It has been a week since Darwin has returned from the AZT and we have been adjusting, or at least I have. Unbeknown to me I had come into a kind of routine while he was away and having him back has totally ruined it. I have found help from an old friend, my headlamp.

While the bearded one is still sleeping I have to pull myself out of bed (usually around 4:30am or 5am) in order to start preparing for a morning run or opening shift at work.  As I am to lazy to prepare anything the night before, I am litterly left in the dark when trying to grab my running clothes, uniform, shoes, etc. Turning on the bedroom light is totally out of the question and my cellular phone doesn’t give enough light to guide the way; here enters my headlamp. It may look ridiculous but I get around the bedroom pretty darn good with my red light on never disturbing the slumbering beard.

I had drug my feet last year in Hot Springs, NC when Darwin insisted that I needed a new headlamp. The one I started the AT with was a bulky one he used at a job and it was never meant for trail use. After a few days with the new guy, I was sold. I was never so excited to have a red light when I needed to climb outta a shelter in the middle of the night to pee and I never realized how awesome a night hike was when you could actually see the trail! Sadly since completing the trail, my head lamp spent most of the time laying forgotten in my pack. My life is illuminated by a simple flip of a wall switch.

I have in the very recent time, started training for a half marathon. My runs have started to become longer and since I am all noodle legs after work, I find running in the mornings best. Because of this, I usually start off before the sun comes up. My savior and literal guiding light for a pre sun-up run? You guessed it, my headlamp! It has felt really good to strap that little guy back on. I have so many good memories with the little guy and now have a new (although paved) adventure at hand!

Within in the last week I have established a new routine that requires using my headlamp on a daily basis. Between my runs and just getting ready for an early shift at work, my head lamp is my trusty companion to light the way. So whats the point of this diary? To express my love and thanks for an old in animate friend. Not only has this guy helped me through my hike on the AT (and countless other adventures) he is now helping me along my more domestic life. It’s nice to see an old human friend and reconnect with them and this is how I feel about my headlamp. Oh the stories he could tell!

As I look at my headlamp lying on a mountain not of rock but of toilet paper rolls, I smile. I can’t explain how good it makes me feel just to see that loyal piece of gear again. He reminds me even when my feet are only hitting asphalt I am still capable of doing great things, I am still that same person who hiked over 2,000 miles, that the wilderness is always calling and more adventures are waiting right around the corner.  My little head lamp is always waiting to light my way.




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