You, Me, Bowie and the Trees

After a failed attempt at a camping trip last weekend (thanks to a turn of bad weather producing a rather intense hail storm) Darwin and I gave it another go for an overnighter that promised a supermoon. As with most of our adventures we had a few snafoos.

We both slept in a good deal on Sunday morning and seemed to find any excuse ever to stay in our pajamas. By the time Darwin (yes I’m blaming him) decided to start packing a few things, I had been ready to go for at least two hours. We still had to run errands including one that would surely lead to the downfall of humanity if not completed…we needed coffee. After another trip back to the apartment for a forgotten cast iron skillet, were finally off to our unplanned destination by early afternoon, the pup in tow.

We drove about 45 minutes outside of Albuquerque and then another 20 minutes in the wrong direction. At this time it was around 3:30pm and we only had a few hours to spare before sundown. The idea of setting up the tent was slowly fading along with the daylight. Darwin put the pedal to the metal and hauled ass this time in the correct direction, when we finally saw a sign for the “Fourth of July Trail” our decided camping location. The Black Stallion took us up and around a twisty dirt road until we saw the familiar fuzzy face of Smokey the Bear marking our would be campsite. The three of us tumbled out of the van with a sigh of relief and took in our surroundings.

We had found a spot closed in by private land on one side and a stream and rock face on the other. Not our top pick usually but we were able to park the van by a fire pit and picnic table oh, there were also lots of trees around did I mention that? I started to unpack and Darwin started converting the van. Bowie exempt from chores, took off to explore as soon as her pack was strapped on.

I gathered firewood and finally all the chores were finished.We set back in our chairs and watched the trees around us flutter their leaves as the sun turned them gold on its way down. Darwin started a fire just as the night chill arrived. Once the fire was going I was instantly ready for food. Chili dogs were on the menu and after delaying their arrival in my belly a week, I was more than ready to consume a disgusting amount. No sooner was the chili bubbling in the can, my first dog was done. With a few words of conversation in between and feeling so at home in the woods, it was no time before we had eaten the whole pack of dogs and the can of chili was empty.

The three of us lounged by the fire for a few more hours feeling as comfortable as if we were in our own living room. We giggled as Bowie tried to suck up anything that resembled a chili bean and made comments about the Supermoon but mostly watched the fire and breathed in the cool night air. We all needed a little time with the trees that weekend. That stiff suffocating feeling living in society leaves you with had started to take us over.  As the moon rose higher we watched silently as it cast shadows making wild shapeshifters out of the trees and rocks around us.

We finally decided to bundle up in the van when we burned through the wood I had gathered. Although it was still early our bellies were full and our minds were a bit clearer. As I took my place as one side of a Bowie sandwich in the van I felt calm and at ease. My troubles were far from me and all that was left was was the warmth of my family and the moon watching us from above.

I must be a simpleton that all my woes are easily solved by chili dogs, a campfire, and the wilderness.




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