Thank You National Parks!

Thanksgiving is in just few days so I thought I would get in the holiday spirit with this post. Although the history of Thanksgiving is a bit controversial, I shall focus on a few positives. One being that the idea of “Thanksgiving”the holiday was thought up and supported by a woman by the name of  Sarah Hale. Woohoo! Woman Power! Sarah fought for the holiday for thirty something years until Mr. Abe Lincoln himself finally made it an official holiday in 1863. This would be my second positive of the holiday. In my head full of puppy dogs, rainbows, and popcorn, Abraham Lincoln is the same bad ass described in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. To envision this bad ass president deeming a day of thanks and reflection is just plain sweet (If you didn’t catch on yet I usually live in a fantasy world).

Moving on from my fun and somewhat fantastical facts, I do feel that it is always a good idea to focus on our present state of person. Although it seems to always be easier to focus on everything bad in our lives and the world around us, I shall take a moment and focus on one thing that effects both our country as a people and me personally, National Parks. These areas of protected land each have their own characteristics that make them unique, beautiful and amazingly wild. It is wonderful that the people who came before me were smart enough to recognize the importance of protecting these sections of land and the creatures that live within them. Are there snafoos within this  system? Yes. Are there still areas that should be protected? Yes, but again focusing on the positive, I am thankful for what has been protected. I can go see these wild places at any time and get a glimpse of a world before humans really fucked it up.

Darwin and I have made some decisions for our future that greatly involve National Parks and Monuments along with other protected lands. Thanks to a law that was passed in 1872 that officially protected land known as Yellowstone, a ripple effect has followed that today will allow us the opportunity to visit 61 National Parks (technically that is number three fun fact). As I look back on the last few years I can not help but notice the effect National Parks have had on my life. This Thanksgiving I am very thankful for the experiences I have had at the National Parks and Monuments I visited and looking forward to future adventures they take me on. Thank you peoples of years past for recognizing the need to experience truly wild places!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Trying To Look Old School At A Photo Booth In Yellowstone National Park’s Visitor Center

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