Brown Blazen

I’ll be the first to admit that this post will make me sound like a werdio but I don’t care. I miss poopin in the woods. The best poops I’ve ever had have been while out hiking or backpacking. Heck, even peein in the woods is great. Yes, being a girl does have its slight disadvantages when it comes to urination but it’s still may I say even fun, to do outside. I feel very animal like when do my business in the great outdoors. I feel one with nature at these times when birds are all chirping around me and the wind is blowing in my hair.

Taking a doo-doo or passing water in the woods is so easy too. There is not a lotta thought to it.  As long as I am off trail and not in plain sight I can cut loose whenever I feel the slightest of urges. In the nine to five world I currently live in, I may have to hold it for a length of time having to wait for a more convenient time. Sometimes I even have to search out the lavatory. How stressful! I work with animals on a daily basis and they defecate wherever they please and they all seem incredibly happy. I think they are on to something. Besides isn’t kinda gross that we the supposed civilized humans have a specific room where we vacate our bowels? Think of all those poop particles hanging around in the air and I know most of us have had that awful  experience of sitting on a wet toilet seat too. Don’t deny it!

When pooping in the wild you can take your time in a more natural position that allows a more complete emptying of your inner plumbing. You then just bury it happily knowing your fertilizing the grass. You actually help the environment by poopin!  What a way to be green. When we use a toilet we are breathing what we are putting out not to mention wasting precious water. I think we should all take a vow to poop at least once a week outside. This will save on water usage, help us reconnect with nature and maybe even help us get to know our neighbors.

Whatta ya say, you gonna try to poop outside today? I already did!




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