An Environmentally Un-Friendly Walk

Sometimes you find yourself over indulging and enjoying something that usually you would frown upon. I think these times are bound to happen to even the most environmentally conscious of people. Last night for instance, I greatly enjoyed burning up a stupid amount of unnecessary electricity. On the flip side I was outside! I was walking among prehistoric giants, swimming along with schools of fish, flying with hummingbirds and took witness to a dance party in a giant pumpkin thanks to the River of Lights here in ABQ.

There were an insane amount of people trampling over paved and dirt paths flowing from each new world to another totally straining the environment around us. Thanks to the creativity and wastefulness of the human species I was transformed back into a kid watching as trains passed around and around a mini village decorated with colorful lights. I then looked up to see a few trees straining to support the weight of a pink Pterodactyl flying  overhead in illuminated glory. Awesome!

As I weaved in and out of fantasy lands I was able to let go of my stupid adult ways and enjoy myself. Ignoring the woes of the current state of the world, enjoying every single little burning twinkle light, and over consuming with the best of them. Sometimes you just gotta enjoy the plunders of the time you live in and last night I fully enjoyed a huge amount of taxing electricity. It was sadly wonderful.



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