Holiday Hiking Extravaganza

Christmas morning, yay! Drink coffee mmmm….

Oatmeal yummmm….

Take a picture of a Christmas Bowie. Click, click goes the camera.

Leave for a Christmas hike. Yay!

Hike, hike, stomp, stomp, up a mountain….brrr it’s cold and icy up here.

Take a selfie for Darwin’s Instagram post.

Ooooooaahhhhhh it’s beautiful up here!

Hike, hike, stomp, stomp up further we go….enjoy the moment then start heading back down.

Ah, watch for the ice and mud!

The sun is out more and so are more people. Hello, hello!

Yay we made it to the parking lot! Time to eat a gingerbread cookie.

Help, Help cry the people in the parking lot. “We need a jump our car is dead.” Darwin to the rescue!

Yay we did a good deed! Yum Yum gingerbread cookie. Thanks Leeann!

Vroom, vroom down we go. Holly Jolly….Holly Jolly Woooooo! Dude is laying on the side of the street. Woman on her phone is frantic! Screech go the brakes. Dude in pain, may have broke his arm??? They are not from here and can’t get ahold of family….jump in, jump in! We can take you down to a main road.

Vroom, vroom we go to the main road. Family is called and on their way. Vroom, vroom to the closest business. Run, run inside…”where’s the nearest urgent care or hospital I yell???”

Blank stares and the sound of crickets I hear. “Call 911 big muscle man yells.” I am so stupid, of course I will! And run, run out the door.

“Call 911″ I yell into Stallion.” “We are, we are,” says Darwin.

Beeoop beeoop goes the siren when the fire truck and ambulance arrive. Squish, squish go the medics as they squeeze into the stallion. Snip, snip go the scrissors as they cut the mans shirt. Eeewwww goes Darwin as he looks at the man’s arm. Wrap, wrap, go the medics as they secure the man’s arm. Beeopp beeoop goes the siren as the ambulance carries him away.

Thank you, thank you says the family as they drive away.

“Wooooowwwwooooo what a day!” we say as we drive away.

Splish, splash in the tub as we get cleaned up.

Vroom, Vroom to Zach and Leeann’s. “Hey guys, we really saved the day!”

Drink, Drink, eat, eat, giggle, giggle, eat more.

Giggle, giggle, yawn…It’s getting late.

Vroom, vroom, we go all the way back home.

Snuggle, Snuggle with the Christmas Bowie till we all fall asleep.






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