A New Mountain, A New Year

This time last year we had said goodbye to 2015 our “Year of Adventure.” 2016 was upon us and we had our eyes set on Katahdin once again. I am officially dubbing 2016 “The year of completion.”

Our everything was focused on getting back to the Appalachian Trail, we were obsessed with it. Although we loved our new surroundings in New Mexico we could never really relax. We had a heavy burden weighing on our shoulders that would not be relieved until we summited.

The Stallion threatened to break down and groaned and clanked everyday until Darwin practically replaced all its innards. Darwin monitored the Class of 2016 in ensure we did not start in a party bubble. We saved and planned until finally it was time for us to leave.

We dreaded it, but returned to our hometown to find it over grown, sticky, and unchanged. We spent time with our family and friends and amazingly everything went as planned as we headed  out further to Massachusetts. I was once again guilt stricken as Bowie watched us leave from my mother’s front door.

We entered Great Barrington with mixed feelings as memories returned to us. Someone yelled “Hiker Trash” and we were off. We did not take our return lightly and tried to appreciate every tree, person, and animal we met. We climbed mountains, dealt with the elements, and met new friends. I bitched a lot, ate a lot, and pooped a lot. We summited in the most terrifying circumstances and we were finally complete. We had fucking finished that damn trail!

We were stranded in Maine for about twelve hours until we figured out a way to Indiana driving over nineteen straight hours to do so. We arrived to happy pup dog and swiftly took off again for New Mexico. Screw humidity!

We were received with open arms this time having established friends, jobs and the proper identification. I fell back into an easy routine while Darwin never-resting, was plotting his next adventure.

In  August I hauled my ass and the Bowie out to Arizona and watched Darwin ride off into the sunrise on the Arizona trail. I was excited to start a temporary life on my own only to have to return to the state days later to rescue Darwin in Flagstaff.

A few friends visited us in the coming months after Darwin’s return but sadly no family this year. Small trips here and there occupied our time as plans for 2017 brewed  within us.

We were asleep on the couch like old people while everyone else rang in the new year. We woke long enough to bitch about the noise and fall into our bed. The first morning of 2017 we were greeted with story boards and lists. It’s still to early to give the year a name but we will not be sitting around trying to think of one either.

Welcome 2017 whatever you may bring.


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