The Trail Of Life

Dawrin and I have been traveling down a trail of life very well marked. The trail signs are clear and accurate showing us how long we have till our next river crossing or climb. We have reached an intersection this week that if we choose could take us on a less marked trail. This trail would have many rocky climbs and steep decents. The many twists and turns it takes will not allow us to see exactly where we are going as the trail is not a cleared one making us bushwhack some of the way.

As usual, we have stood at this trail crossing and plotted traveling down each way. We have  finally decided to take the less marked trail (Robert Frost shout out here). We ultimately decided if we are comfortable for to long we are not living to our fullest. We have placed our feet on this rugged trail and are planning on taking our first steps down it this week, as long as we don’t turn around and run back like wieners that is.


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