The Trail Less Traveled Led to a Travel Trailer

We have chosen the trail less traveled…we brought a travel trailer! We have been looking and wanting and hoping that we could find something that could allow us to live more in the outdoors but not as temporary as a tent. Something that would be able to stay put if needed but be able to hit the road too. We weighed the pros and cons of a tiny house but decided we wanted something a little more classic, something that was already made and well broken in. Something that we could repurpose and make our very own. Something with a lil history. Whaala! A travel trailer seemed like just the ticket! (P.S. Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-tiny house we just felt it was not an option that fit our wants and personality.)

Once we decided that was the trail to take, we got to lookin and couldn’t find crap. In my long thirty years on earth I have discovered this is usually the case when I really want something. I go to get said thing and it’s not there, sold, unavailable until a far off future date, or just doesn’t exist ( I like to make up things that I feel should exist just to acomodate me). This however did not hold us back. We stumbled upon a great guy named Corey who runs his own company named Rove Trailer. What does he do? He buys, resales, and remodels vintage travel trailers (not always in that order) just the kinda guy we were looking for. After a few visits to his property littered with awesome trailers, Darwin stumbled upon one that he just seemed unable to move past.

This particular one had a pretty sturdy shell, the inside had lots of storage, small but crooked kitchen, small table, a closet perfect to put a shitter in and it had a fold up bed. Did I mention it is booger green? This was the exact thing we were looking for! It needed work but not a terrible amount. It technically was ready to live in if needed and we discovered it was made from our home state of Indiana. Was that a sign or what?

We came home that day last week and researched, talked, researched some more, measured Bowie’s bulbous ass to make sure she would fit, and talked more. The next day Darwin went with one of our good friends back to visit Corey at Rove Trailer and made an offer. Cory accepted! We are now the proud owners of a 16ft, 1972 Lark Travel Trailer. In the coming weeks we will be documenting our progress as we start to redo the little guy.

Darwin wants to name him Theodore, Teddy for short.



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