Personal Spring Cleaning

The first day of spring was last week and all the little creatures and plants seem to be stirring. The sun is now staying out longer, burning brighter and warming up the place. It’s time for some personal spring cleaning. Take a deep breath and prepare to go bare.

On the AT there is a specific day (usually the first day of summer) deemed “Hike Naked Day”. Unfortunately for us in 2015 we were in Pennsylvania on this day. The thought of not having even a thin piece of protective covering over my lady parts while trying to hike and climb over huge boulders and sharp rocks made me just a little uneasy. Needless to say I did not participate. We did however take advantage of “Nude Hampshire” in 2016. This is another AT event where at any point during your hike in New Hampshire you guessed it, you take a nude picture. I was of course all about it. I was able to snag my few moments of glory atop of a mountain overlooking a road and visitor center. If anyone saw me I do not know or care. The wind blew and the sun shone upon all my untouched places and I felt free and cleansed.

You don’t have to be on the AT to get in the buff or wait for a certain day. In celebration of the spring do not just clean out the house do some personal spring cleaning and air your goods out. You have hidden the essentials under numerous layers of clothes and blankets all winter. Let those parts see the light of day!  I challenge you to get bare out there and enjoy even a few moments of nude freedom. I promise you will feel great and it’s a fun way to start a new season of adventure.


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