Theo The Travel Trailer’s Innards

Day #11

I got a text from Sierra about an hour after getting off work. Theo’s tarp had been blown off and she couldn’t get it back on. FUCK! I grabbed my keys and headed over while the skies darkened and it began to sprinkle. I hauled ass and arrived just as the wind really started picking up. It had been raining on and off all day but from what I could tell Theo was relatively dry inside. We were able to get the front tarp back up. I put as many bricks as I could find on the roof to keep the wind from taking the tarp off again. I can only hope the weight of the bricks doesn’t cave in the roof. Once Theo was tucked in under his tarp, I headed out just as the rain really started coming down.

Day #12

The goal for today was to continue attaching the innards of Theo to his outies. Darwin would build the framework of our kitchen counter and drawers. (Sitting at home the night before, we thought this approach would give us something to attach the outside wall too thus making Theo more stable and square)

For some reason when we arrived, we focused on pulling up the linoleum around where our bed will be (in the very, very, very distant and beyond future) instead. I think initially we felt the linoleum needed to be ripped out since we were going to replace it anyways. Once a majority of it was out, I attempted to scrape up the glue left behind using a power scraper. This was an absolute joke. I only ended up carving into Theo’s floor. The glue was unmoving and I am pretty sure it was laughing at me. After viewing my collection of divots left in the floor and leaving behind a few of his own, Darwin decided sanding would be the easier and more successful route. Indeed he was correct and we had a smooth glue free floor in about twenty minutes. I silently stood outside, hands on hips like a lawn ornament.

We set down and contemplated the next move. After discussing the pros and cons, we decided that the bed would be built in permanently. Before restoration, the bed could be folded up into a couch and extended to a bed when needed. We decided it would be easier for us to always have the bed as a bed. This would also create more storage space in the long run.

While sitting there, we also decided more paneling was needed in order to build the sidewalls of the kitchen framework. The paneling Darwin previously got for the closet/shitter wall ended up being janky and hard to work worth. We packed up a few tools to return and a piece of the old paneling and headed out for adventure in the isles of Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Day #13

Today I only occasionally lifted the smallest of fingers to help and only when asked. I came prepared with media work to do and felt very productive and useful. I set with my back towards Theo the entire day. Poo Poo to you Theo! Darwin built the two sidewalls of the kitchen framework using some of the pieces we ripped out as guidelines. Theo’s insides kinda look like they did before. A day of success for both of us.


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