A Friend and Mother Nature

My friend Abigail and I met up earlier this week for a day hike. It is always a nice change of pace (literally) when hiking with Abigail compared to hiking with Darwin. We both enjoy time with Mother Nature and always feel refreshed afterwards. Lets also not deny the fact we are both girls so we giggle and of course talk about girl stuff.

Abagail and I take turns picking hiking locations and this time she picked a well known trail out in the Sandia Mountain Wilderness/Cibola National Wilderness, The Domingo Baca Trail. The original plan was to take the trail all the way out to the TWA Flight 260 crash site however we never made it. Where we started we had to hike sections of three other trails before landing on the Domingo Baca. We like to make frequent stops of nature admiration and with a time restraint on the day we had to stop early. Neither of us really didn’t care that we didn’t finish our hike. We enjoyed chatting about books, life, jobs, relationships, etc. and just simply our time together with Mother Nature. We are both extremely easy going.

Being out with nature is a great way to bond more with a friend. Out in the wilds all distractions of tv, people and noise are gone and it’s usually free to do as well. Friends, family, signifant others, etc. can focus on just each other and be in the present tense. So often even in the comfort of our homes our bodies are present but our minds are at work, with a movie, with a book, in the future, in the past, or just plan zombied out leaving our loved ones with whats left of our very divided attention.

I challenge you this week to take some time out with a friend or loved one and spend some time with them without distractions. Find a nice trail and let Mother Nature lead you on a small adventure. Mother Nature can bring us together and heal all of our wounds.

***Keep an eye out for a future trip report on this trail once Abigail and I venture out on it again and finally complete it! ***

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We were way excited to finally get to the Domingo Baca Trail so we took a pic with the sign. Abagail is way cooler then me. 

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