Hiker Stank Nostalgia & Lessons From A Hermit

This week has been full of beautiful happenings. It rained in ABQ which caused me to break out my clothes bag in order to keep my work uniform dry on my ride in for my shift. I also busted out my pack cover which took on more of a parachute look when I covered my day pack with it (this was even funnier when riding). It’s been awhile since I have used either piece of gear and I found both very nostalgic. I unrolled my clothes bag, peeled apart the Velcro and was overcome by the smell of sweat, dirt, and tears. I was instantly taken back to trail life. I am sure I looked like one of those people in the Folgers Coffee commercials except I was closing my eyes and smiling while enjoying the smell of my own funk, not coffee. By the time I rode to work and removed my uniform from the bag it had taken on the smell of hiker funk. I’m not sure if my coworkers loved it but I felt right at home in my hiker stank and my head was filled with sweet and sour trail memories the rest of the day. Sigh….

Mid week Abigail and I headed out again to complete our attempt at the TWA Canyon Hike and finally made it! We started out early around 8:30am and were back at the car by 3:00pm. It proved to be a great hike and was a very humbling scene at the crash site. I completed a written trip report including pictures which will be up on the website by the end of the week.

Abigail and I have also started planning an overnight backpacking trip. During our day hikes I have discovered that she has never actually went on an overnight backpacking trip. I feel it is my hiker trash responsibility to take her out on her first trip and show her the ropes.  I have plans on journaling this experience along with possibly filming it once further details are finalized. I think she is catching the hiking bug.

Towards the end of the week I met a friend of Darwin’s whom he has been talking about since coming home from the CDT, Doug the Hermit. Doug came into ABQ for his yearly resupply and I was able to meet him. I immediately loved him. He is beyond down to earth and has the most amazing stories. Doug reminded me how much we complicate our lives with gizmos and gadgets, forgetting that we don’t really need any of those things to live a full and happy life. Those gizmos easily distract us from experiencing what’s all around us. While we are worried about getting a “selfie” with something to share later, the moment passes.

Doug also reminded me that I use way to much toilet paper. My goal this week is to go down to three squares for a poop and one for a pee. I’ll keep you updated on how this goes.

Things To Expect In Up Coming Blog Posts/Website Posts:

  • Updates on My TP Challenge
  • Snuggles’ AT Mental Prep List
  • Trip Report on TWA Canyon Hike
  • Snuggles’ AT Gear List (Written)


(Section Of Trail Leading Into TWA Canyon, Complete With Sun Beams!)

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