Random Happenings: A Brief Blurb

This week has been filled with random happenings so here is a brief blurb on each:

Hiking: Abigayl and I did a small hike after I left the 9 to 5 this week which sounded like a great idea at first. We were melting only a half mile in…did I mention it was ninety-nine degrees? We called it quits after a mile and half retreating to the shade of a local coffee shop and enjoyed the chill of iced drinks.  Although our hike lacked luster, the conversation and time with my friend was worth way more.

Knowledge: I signed up for a free webinar about blogging featuring Tammy Strobel. Tammy is a full-time blogger, photographer, and minimalist. I stumbled upon one of her books a few months ago You Can Buy Happiness (and It’s Cheap): How One Woman Radically Simplified Her Life and How You Can Too and have kept tabs on her ever since. It was good to hear some tips on blogging and  success stories straight from Tammy. I also learned a lot about how other people utilize and develop their blogs. This was a great learning experience provided by an author I really enjoy! Check her out!

New Stuff: I bought a skirt this week that I have looked at buying for the last three or four years. I am totally not joking about this time frame either. My friend Caron had found the skirt online, showed me and I was totally in to it. A lot of women and men use it for hiking and traveling. It can triple has a skirt, pants, or shorts. Why was I so hesitant? Price. It’s an expensive piece of gear that I could never really justify. I hate spending money on myself, all I usually need in life is a library card and occasionally food. Since I am minimizing my clothing to functional and trail worthy clothing only, I felt it now may be the time to purchase. After years of looking at pictures and reading all the fantastic reviews I finally got one. I will not release the name of it until I feel I can give a full and honest review on it. Stay Tuned!

Trail Stuff: Darwin and I have been following a couple since they started their hike of the AT this March. Chica and Sunsets actually followed Darwin on his YouTube Channel prior to the start of their own hike. It’s been really cool to switch places with them; now we are watching their videos as they head North. This week we got to share in their hike via mail drop. Darwin and I relived trail life while shopping for foods and it was a total blast! We jammed as much junk food as possible in a box, included a note, and covered the whole box in random stickers laughing the whole time. We are very excited to be a part of their journey by providing a little bit of trail magic for these awesome hikers! Check them out!

Knotts a hiker Darwin met on the CDT, is also currently on the AT attempting to break the fastest unsupported thru-hike record. He just posted a live video earlier this week stating he was passing thru Harper’s Ferry. Please show this bad-ass some love and follow him as he continues to bust out 40 to 50 mile days! Crazy cool!


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Things To Expect In Up Coming Blog Posts/Website Posts And Other Doings:
Girl Overnight Backpacking Trip – Rescheduling Due To Extreme Heat In ABQ This Week (low hundreds this week) I Am Super Bummed…..

Book Review: “The Long Shadowed Forest” by Helen Hoover – In Progress

??? Skirt Testing: In Progress

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