Friends From Home

The first part of this week Darwin and I had two good friends fly in from our home town in Indiana. As soon as we picked them up from the airport the adventure and laughs began. We have a long history of escapades with Caron and Mike one or both of them having joined us in various sections of our travels.

Caron & Mike A Brief History:

I first met Mike when I worked as a part-time receptionist at his business for about a year. I then started working full-time for Caron at her business for almost two years. I would have never thought my bosses could ever be so supportive of me NOT working and be so involved in my adventures….

Both joined us in 2015 for a small section of the AT in New York. It was at this point in our hike that we needed to see some friendly faces from home as trail life had become hot, hard, and soul sucking. It was also at this point that Darwin began really feeling the effects of what would be diagnosed as Ehrlichiosis. Not only did Mike and Caron help us see the fairies and hobbits in the woods as they hiked with us but they also saved us. They were the ones that noticed something was really wrong with Darwin beyond just the typical hiker fatigue. If they weren’t with us at that point, Darwin would have kept hiking until I would have ended up dragging his carcass off trail.

Later in 2015 when we were officially off trail due to Darwin’s bad tooth, lingering effects of Ehrlichiosis and the death of my mamaw, Caron and Mike provided us shelter. Not that our families would not have done the same but we found solace in staying with friends that knew trail life and were not directly related to the grief my family was experiencing. They provided us good conversation, thoughts to ponder on, laughs and true friendship in a dark time.

A couple of weeks later after we left Indiana, Caron flew out to California for a training and we were close enough to meet up with her. We spent the day in Muir Woods National Monument. We got lost in a rental car, ate tacos, cruised across the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoyed our view of the San Francisco Bay where we stayed. We were in better spirits at this point and were able to enjoy ourselves and our new path the Universe had set us on.

In 2016 we were able to met up with these good friends yet again before returning to the AT and even stayed with them after summiting Katahdin on our way back to Albuquerque.

Back To This Week:

The day of their arrival, we showed off the trailer and of course hit a few breweries. We were also able to introduce them and hang out with some of our friends who live here in Albuquerque. We stayed up late and fought with a blow up mattress and sock eaters named Bowie. Full day number one we hit some of our favorite places in ABQ and the surrounding area such as The Cibola National Wilderness and Tinkertown blowing snot bubbles of laughter and bouncing around on the floor board of the Stallion as we cruised down Route 66.

Full day number two we hit trail at Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument and explored the Jemez Mountains. We celebrated the fact that Caron and Mike hadn’t passed out due to the elevation and that Caron’s feet hadn’t falling off with pizza and beer. Full day number three we took our pals to Santa Fe and walked the square. After bumming around most of the day, we left our friends at their sweet hotel in order to enjoy the next few days by themselves. Darwin and I love the fact that no matter where we are or what we are doing Caron and Mike are always down for joining in the adventure and will give anything a go.

I would also like to share that although I haven’t been able to see her as often, my dear friend Julie has always been involved with our adventures from the beginning as well. The power of a good breakfast, a good book and a letter from friend goes a long way.

Moral Of This Post:  

Never Forget Where You Came From and The Friends Who Live There


friends better

(Mike, Caron, Me, and Darwin with the Clouds at Tent Rocks) 


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