Macabi Outdoor Travel Skirt Review

Reviewed By: Snuggles


Specs For A Size Medium Skirt Long

Weight:  11.1oz

Functions as a Skirt, Pants, and Shorts via Pant Clip and Wading Snaps

100% Nylon (SPF 25+) which wicks away moisture and is fast drying

Elastic Waistband, Drawstring and Belt Loops

Two Over-Sized Pockets, One Zipper Security Pocket, One Small Inner Pocket

Packs Into Own Pocket

Available In A Wide Variety of Lengths, Colors and Sizes


30 Day Return Policy

Overall Impression:

Love it! This skirt is amazing to wear for anytime day wear, hiking, riding, or for most types of adventuring. It is fairly easy to convert into each of the three styles after a little practice locating all hooks/attachments. All three options of skirt wear are non restrictive allowing for full range of motion. The material is durable, light weight and breathable allowing for easy packing (skirt packs down into its own pocket) and maximum comfort even while lounging around. There is plenty of storage room in each pocket including a secure zipper pocket which is great to stash money, keys, or even a phone.

Skirt Form:

Obviously this is the starting form the skirt comes in. It’s airy and very comfortable. I ordered mine in a “long” length so it gracefully flows right over the top of my feet (I am 5’6).


Easily transforms into the pants with the use of the elastic adjustable pant clip. Attach clip to the front loop found on the elastic waist band (made of skirt material) then attach to another plastic loop found on the back, underside of the skirt and wha-la! You have pants! I found the pants to again be breathable and comfy. During colder days you will have plenty of room to wear tights underneath or multiple layers.


Transforms into shorts with a few extra steps from skirt form. Button or snap each side of the skirt up to your hips using the snaps found on your right and left side. Attach the elastic clip to the front loop found on the elastic waist band (made of skirt material) to another plastic loop found on the back underside of skirt, then find the small black elastic loop on the front underside of skirt and wha-la! You have shorts! I seem to utilize the Macabi when in short form the most. Still very breathable and roomy. When ordered in a “long” length the shorts hit right above my knee (I am 5’6) I do not care for “booty cutter shorts” and shorts that ride up into my inner leg. These were total non-issues with this skirt.


Price, but then again it’s worth it. The Macabi Skirt I ordered (Original Macabi Skirt, Long, Medium) was $84.95 not including shipping. You get what you pay for, a whole lot of awesome!

It was somewhat frustrating to figure out if I was wearing each form of the skirt correctly at first as there are no exact directions given. This can simply be figured out by checking out pictures from the website or by reviewing the tags that come with the skirt. The picture on the tags included with the skirt only show what hooks and snaps are present, not exactly how to work/ attach them.

I find it somewhat distracting to have the Macabi name written on the elastic pant clip. This is right between your legs in every form of wear besides the skirt. I don’t mind telling others about this Macabi (I actually think its fun to convert it to another form for people) however I don’t like the attention I feel it brings to that area and feel it’s unnecessary. The skirt in any form would look better with just a matching solid color elastic clip. When worn as shorts the snaps also have Macabi written on them however it is not as distracting.

When worn as shorts, the seams and folds from the fabric can occasionally start to rub on the inner legs. Taking just a second to adjust the fabric is all you need to fix this issue. I also choose to wear spandex shorts underneath when converted into any form. This may not be needed by everyone but was rather a personal choice to avoid chafing/rubbing during a hike or during a bicycle ride.


Get it! Check out the website and read the reviews. Almost everyone who ordered had the same hesitation at first, price. After ordering they all wish they wouldn’t have waited so long and usually order another length or color. I am now in the same boat! The price is totally worth it for the three pieces of clothing you get all in one. This skirt totally fits my life style and I highly recommended it to any hiker or adventurer male or female.

Check It Out: 

Macabi Outdoor Travel Skirt




Macabi Packed Into Pocket


***6/7/18 MACABI UPDATES***

I still wear my Macabi Skirt often both in daily life and while on hikes. I have found random ways to wear the skirt that is not advertised by Macabi. I’m not sure how stylish these random ways are, but it does show how incredibly functional the skirt is. I have still yet to permanently stain the skirt or find any holes. I have, however, noticed slight fraying around one of my pockets.

Sometimes I do stick a wallet or my keys in the folds of the skirt by accident instead of an actual pocket. This is totally just user error on my part but it can be a little confusing with all the folds in the skirt when wearing as shorts.

I have recently just ordered a Knee Length version of the Macabi to try out since I love my original so much!

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  5. Thank you for the review! I was a little put off by the price but after reading your review I placed my order today! I’m heading to Zambia this summer and needed something modest yet durable. I think this may just be it! Looking forward to receiving my order. Thanks again for sharing!

  6. Hi. Great review and looks like an awesome skirt. Quick question: do you have the original or the slimmer version that has come out – with a bit less fabric? Thanks – Janine

  7. Hey Janine! I have the orginal, which does give you a “baggy” look when not being worn as a skirt. A personal preference but I like “baggy”.


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