The Stallion Gets Broken Into

I was sure to write an amazing blog this week. It was to be full of trees, love, mystery, adventure and all that other good stuff you look for in a blog however I was unable to see it through. My mind is distracted and so I will share my thoughts and troubles with you. Our beloved Black Stallion was broken into yesterday while Darwin was on a hike.

For those of you who don’t know, The Black Stallion is the name we gave our van when we first bought him in late 2014. He has been a home and close companion taking us through tons of National Parks and Monuments and has cruised us across the United States and back again four or five times. The Stallion has proven his loyalty over and over again. We never thought a $2,500 Craigslist buy would ever serve us so well. So it is disturbing that someone, a stranger injured him.

When Darwin returned from a hike yesterday afternoon he found The Stallion’s driver’s side window shattered. He immediately started taking pictures of the scene and the inside of the Stallion then called the cops to make a report. This is basically useless in Albuquerque for such a small crime but he did it anyway. He then called me at work to break the news, I immediately started to take mental stock of what the Stallion was holding.

I met Darwin shortly after the cops left at a car wash to start cleaning up the  Stallion. Luckily I had just cleaned out the Stallion so once he was in front of me it seemed a little easier to place what was missing. The first thing I thought of was all my original Snuggles Diaries in a binder I stupidly left out in the open. I found them, the are all accounted for.

The turd that broke in ended up taken more sentimental stuff of mine then things of actual value. Like a bag of my dirty clothes (we were going to do laundry last night after my shift). The dirty clothes just weren’t any dirty clothes, they were my Dirty Girl Gaiters from the AT, my favorite hiking a running sports bra, my cycling clothes, and the clothes I run and hike in (also of which were from the AT). I hope my dirty hiker funk smell burns your nostrils like acid!

The turd took all of our cds however most of these were just copies of stuff we have digital versions of, but still it’s the point. He or she then also grabbed all of National Park an Monument maps/brochures we keep in the van from our travels along with the Stallion’s Instructional Book (you know the one that comes with every vehicle, telling the ins and outs of the car). I hope our maps give you mean papercuts! They did however leave behind our insurance card and registration on the passenger seat. Thank you, how nice of you turd! I guess someone who breaks into cars and steals would be to stupid to notice the National Park Pass hanging on the rear view mirror. You took our maps but still have to pay to get in!

The turd also took an empty box labeled with a picture of a speaker. They were to stupid to realize the speaker was not in it (this is a piece of gear we are testing) they did however take a box that had a few items packed up for testing. We will have to contact everyone effected by this. Most of the stuff in the box was smaller things that the turd who stole it will have no use for unless they hike. Again I am sure that someone who robs cars is not into hiking, just stealing from hikers.

The other thing we have noticed was a handful of change missing. The funny thing about this is it was mostly pennies they grabbed. They were two stupid to grab our laundry wallet full of quarters right next to all the maps they stole in the glove compartment.

All in all we got lucky, no one was hurt expect for the turd that broke into the Stallion.  I forgot to mention he or she bled all over our insurance info and registration. I  hope your cut gets infected! The Stallion wasn’t stolen (which happens A LOT in the ABQ) and most things of actual value the stupid turd didn’t take (like the GPS we had under the seat). This has also made me think more about things we have in the Stallion. Although we always lock up and roll up the windows, there are still other things we could do to make a robbery less fruitful for a person like the turd that injured the Stallion.

The Stallion himself will ride again, actually in just an hour or two. He will however be all bandaged up until his window can be replaced.


(That Would Be My Tank Top On The Ground The Turd Left Behind For Me)

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