Goodbye Albuquerque!

Dear Albuquerque,

We are leaving you for a time but I am sure we will be back someday. I have enjoyed many of your trails and thank you for the adventures we found there. I have experienced many of your historic places and cruised down most of your section of Route 66, playing the tune with our tires.

I will miss your sunrises and sunsets as they I feel are one of a kind. I will miss being greeted by early morning hot air balloons and traveling by bike path. You are truly a land of extremes; if you’re not hot as hell your pouring down with rain and hail or blasting your people with wind. You will still however, always hold a special place in my heart as you have shown me my first real tumbleweed and lets not forget your seemingly pre-historic Road-Runners (yes, Caron they do exist).

I will never forget our brewery rides and the good friends you introduced me too. You have been both kind and cruel and given us many lessons to learn. Thank you ABQ for all the good and the bad.

We’ll be seeing you,



(Portrait Of Darwin and I By Our Dear Friend Abbey!)

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