Random Thoughts and Happenings While Living in a National Forest…

I am not sure if there is any place left in the United States where there are no signs of man.

Digging a cat-hole, using the cat-hole and burying the contents of said cat-hole is very difficult when hiking attached to a Bowie Dog. Bowies don’t really have patience to wait or care if you fall into to the cat-hole. (I’ll let you imagine this for a moment)

Not all visitors to National Forests follow the rules concerning pets and allow them to run amuck. This is distressful to other visitors who follow the rules and to Bowies on a leash.

Time passes slower in the forest.

I still use a lot of toilet paper and thus have reunited with an old friend, Pee Rag!

I am pretty sure I could live off books, tea, and the wilderness.

Solar power is very thought provoking…Does anything need charged? Do we have enough charge? When is the best time to charge this? Why is solar power not used for more? Why didn’t we use solar sooner?

Darwin has gotten recognized a lot since arriving in Flagstaff and because of this, I have gotten recognized as well. I however some how forget that I write this blog so when I finally meet someone who reads it that I don’t already know, I get caught off guard. What? Someone besides my mom reads this? Awesome! It’s been really neat to talk with people who follow Darwin’s media or mine.

Stars….I forgot about them! The moon! It’s still there too! The views at night here are breathtaking! Just don’t look up with your mouth open…

The internet thankfully doesn’t reach everywhere.

I enjoy being dirty. Someone already asked me how we shower…

My response: “We don’t for several days…HIKER TRASH!”

Their response: “Well you can come by and use our shower if you need too.”

My reply: “Nah, we are good, I like to smell….HIKER TRASH!”



(Majestic Bowie) 

Things To Expect In Up Coming Blog Posts/Website Posts And Recent Other Doings:

My first solo video! BetweentheBlazes was so kind as to feature me on the channel giving a Hiker Tale. Check it out here and be sure to watch tons of other Hiker Tales!

Viking at BetweentheBlazes gives back to the AT with proceeds from his handcrafted Katahdin Signs. Great for any thru-hiker or section hiker!

Upcoming Book Review: Painted Blazes: Hiking the Appalachian Trail with Loner (I am very excited about this. Its really, really good!) 

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