Lifestyle Review: The ROAM Wallet

Reviewed By: Darwin

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I was first introduced to ROAM when approached by the company specifically concerning their wallets. I was unaware of this product before however have discovered they are great way to safely carry personal information, cash and credit cards or other small needed essentials without the trouble of dealing with the full weight and bulk of the everyday wallet or small pouch.

Please be aware I am not being paid by this company for the following review.

First Impressions & Design:

At first I have to admit I was hesitant about carrying this wallet in either the Premium or Minimal versions. I was somewhat doubtful that either would actually hold anything securely with such a simple design. Each wallet is basically a wide piece of elastic with a small carabiner on one side to attach to a pack, belt loop, etc. The Premium has an additional layer of elastic creating three slots for the more organized individual (3.5 inches wide and a little over 3 inches tall). The Minimal is a simple one pocket design (3.5 inches wide and 3 inches tall).

When I first put my driver’s license and credit card in the Minimal Wallet along with a few folded bills, it occurred to me how exactly the wallet worked. The elastic material used is cut slightly smaller than the average credit card, identification card, etc. allowing each to fit snuggly and securely into the pocket. The elastic simply grips each item being stored. A very simple design that left me wondering “Why didn’t I think of that?”. Before hitting the trail I flung the wallet around like crazy. I shook it upside down tossed it around in the air and my cards and cash remained snug and unaffected.

When I did the same with the Premium Wallet with the same items, I did notice some slight movement. This however is probably due to not having a enough items to put into the wallet as it does have three slots to utilize. From my experience the Premium Wallet works better when all pockets are in use allowing the wallet to grip and stretch completely. The Premium Wallet is also designed to allow the user to carry lip balm as well or even a pen as needed.

Each wallet comes in a variety of designs to pick from. ROAM also features a few select artist designs.

Quality and Durability:

Although simple in design, both the Premium and Minimal Wallets have proven to be quality made. I have taken both out during overnight backpacking trips, numerous bike rides, a few runs and carried both wallets for normal day use over the course a month and a half. I have found that neither wallet has stretched out and both continue to perform as designed.

Personally I have found little to no use for the small carabiner attached to either wallet and eventually have removed it. This again is of personal preference as I typically store my wallet inside my pack while on trail. I have had one loop come unstitched over time. This may cause more of an issue for an individual using the carabiner or using the loop to store lip balm.

It should be noted that no matter the design (Premium or Minimal) neither are waterproof. Although I have carried a small amount of change in both I would not recommend it. Carrying change takes away from the snug fit and or grip each wallet has on the items being carried inside. Each wallet is designed with an open top which again is easy for change to fall out of.


I found each wallet to be priced reasonably with the Minimal at twelve dollars and the Premium priced at fourteen (price does not include shipping). Select artist designed wallets are at no additional cost.

Product Guarantees and Replacement:

I have found no product guarantees or replacement policies for ROAM’s wallets but thus far have not needed to use them.


Overall the initial doubts that I had on using ROAM’s Wallets have been proved wrong. I have not had any issues with items falling out of either wallet design and in fact have no intention of returning to my old cloth folding wallet. It is surprising how much I carried in previous wallets because I had the space to do so. With ROAM wallets I realize now how much I carried that I never used causing additional weight and bulk in my pocket, pack, etc. ROAM’s simple design allowed me to simplify another part of my life and I recommend them for any individual regardless of lifestyle.

You can check out the various styles of ROAM’s Wallets by visiting their website just click HERE!


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