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Reviewed By: Snuggles

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For the last several months Darwin and I have switched over from traditional Gold and Silver wedding bands to silicone as the traditional metals were no longer suiting our lifestyle. We originally started wearing a more well-known brand of ring, however we were then contacted by ROAM, Products Inspired By Simplicity and were intrigued. Are all silicone rings created equal? From my experience it depends on your lifestyle.

Most of the following review are from both myself and Darwin’s personal experiences. Please note we are not being paid by any companies for this review.

First Impressions:

When first ordering our silicone rings, I was looking for a simple band and was overwhelmed by the many versions of a silicone ring you could pick from. ROAM however stays true to their mission statement of simplicity selling only plain silicone bands. The color options you have to pick from are also for the most part kept simple. Other brands are the market would be great for the fashionable silicone ring wearer as you have options to order many colors and designs and to even further customize them. ROAM I found is for the functional and minimalist ring wearer; you get a ring, put it on and forget it’s there. Simple.

Quality and Durability:

ROAM advertises rings as hypoallergenic and we have not been able to prove it otherwise. Both the men’s and women’s versions are 1.5mm thick and 6mm tall. For other companies this will vary depending on what design you choose. Most companies do list dimensions, strength, elongation, and other qualities for each specific ring type and or style. When compared to other brand’s classic versions of rings, most are found to be wider then ROAM’s. I prefer a wider band then what ROAM offers however this is more of a personal preference.

I previously found my skin underneath other silicone bands would be at times moist having trapped in sweat and other moisture. I have not experienced this to the same extent with my ROAM ring. Moisture no matter what the design is going to build up under a silicone ring, however I again experienced this less with ROAM.

The Elongation or stretchiness of the ROAM rings have proven to be minor in the last month and a half of wear. Both rings have been worn full-time during hiking, bathing, lifting weights, construction work, cycling, yard work, running, other daily work duties, etc. and have shown no wear or tears. Darwin specifically wore his during his last month working at a local bike shop and the ROAM ring held up. It must be noted that Darwin specifically purchased a ring from a larger known company which is supposed to hold up to various chemicals and be temperature tolerant. Within less than a month of purchase, the ring had begun to wear down noticeably and slowly developed a small tear.


When it comes to price ROAM is very affordable with each ring starting out at $12.00. You do have the option to buy a package of two for $20.00 or three for $30.00. These prices are for both the men’s and women’s versions and do not include shipping. When it comes to other companies you will notice that prices vary depending on style of ring. Some companies do offer packages for rings as well however the prices again vary depending on style of ring being purchased.

Product Guarantees and Replacement:

Some companies offering silicone rings do offer one replacement ring if a ring is damaged, ripped, stretched etc. Some even asking for pictures and information on how the ring was damaged in order to better improve their products. ROAM does not advertise the same.


Overall I feel that ROAM rings are definitely worth a try especially for those active persons who like to keep their jewelry simple. Although there are similar products on the market, ROAM stands alone in their simplicity. They truly seem to be “inspired by simplicity” and do not lose sight of that with any of their products. The durability of their rings also seem to stand up during testing in various activities and environments where similar products have failed.

You can check out their rings for yourself via ROAM’s website by clicking HERE!


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*** Product Review Update As Of 6/23/18

Totally still diggin my Roam Rings! I switch up the colors of my ring here and there when I even remember I have it on. I never feel it on my finger so I tend to forget its even there! The more I travel and adventure the more I enjoy not wearing a piece of metal on my finger. If you have ever seen a picture of a “degloved” finger you’ll understand! Plus, I never have to worry about losing it out on the trail, it something is damaged or lost I have three others back at the van! Darwin has at some point lost/ripped off his ring and because its so comfortable and light, didn’t even notice it was gone for almost a day. Overall, still very impressed and have no thoughts of switching to another type of ring or brand.         – Snuggles

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