Lifestyle Review: Peak – SOLARSOUND Solar-charging Speaker

Reviewed By: Darwin & Snuggles 

Please be aware we are not being paid by any companies for this review.


The Peak Solarsound Solar-charging Bluetooth Speaker is a very functional piece of lifestyle gear. When out and about with no way to “plug-in” this speaker is perfect to utilize with most laptops or phones in order to better enjoy your music, a movie, or any other type of sound bite clearly. It also acts as a receiver for phone calls when linked to a phone and can easily be strapped or hung for portable use. Powered by the sun, this speaker keeps a long charge and puts out a powerful sound.

First Impressions:

When taken out of the box the Solarsound is pretty impressive. It did however instantly gain doubts when a loose piece could be heard rolling around inside the speaker. This  loose piece surprisingly never affected how the speaker functioned. The Solarsound has a noticeable solar panel on top and easy to navigate buttons on the side that turn the speaker on and off, adjust volume, and allow the speaker to be used as a phone receiver if using Bluetooth connection with a phone. The Peak also offers an AUX connection and USB connection however, we found the Bluetooth capabilities successful and more functional for our lifestyle.

Quality & Durability:

The outside casing of the speaker is very durable for travel wear and tear being made of a rubber type of material. The speaker is advertised as IPX6 waterproofed against slight rain and water splashes which we found to stand true. It should be noted that we, however, did not test the speaker in standing water of any kind or in extremely rainy conditions as the manufacturer clearly states that the speaker will not hold up in these conditions. We would however not have any worry of damage if the speaker was dropped into a small puddle.

Although the speaker is durable and can endure falling from a distance of about four feet onto a dirt surface, slightly rocky terrain and small amounts of mud, the sound is generally not affected during or after fall as long as speaker falls within Bluetooth range.

While in testing, the Solarsound was found to easily share Bluetooth capabilities to both phones and laptop computers (all of which were Apple products). The Peak also has small buttons on the side allowing for a user to skip songs, answer an incoming phone call, or skip over scenes in a movie if connect to a laptop. The peak can also be connected directly to a device via USB Cable or Auxilary Cable if Bluetooth connection is not being used.
Overall the Peak provided clear and quality sound when in use, never loosing Bluetooth connection from the sound source. The range of volume the speaker provides was never disappointing. Speaker functions never faltered in temperatures ranging from highs of one-hundred degrees to lows of twenty degrees, showing no ill effects regardless even of altitude.

Peak Wireless Audio advertises a thirty-hour battery life with this speaker and we honestly were unable to test the battery life up to that thirty-hour mark. We can, however, state that the speaker does provide over twelve hours of unfaltering battery life when fully charged.

The Solarsound when purchased, does come with two straps allowing the speaker to be attached to a down tube on a bicycle or allowing the user to carry speaker with them in a variety of ways. It should be noted that although the speaker is very capable of being utilized this way as the rubber type material around the speaker even adds grip/hold on a variety of surfaces, we primarily used the speaker outside on more stable services such as rocks, dirt floor, logs, etc. or in inside of a camper as suiting to our lifestyle. With this being said it should be mentioned that the carabiner that comes attached to the speaker although at times could prove useful, was not utilized regularly. The Solarsound also features a small LED light at one end which does come in handy when in a pinch.


Peak Wireless Audio offers this Solar Bluetooth Speaker for $49.99, not including shipping costs. We found this cost to be very reasonable for the speaker even when considering it is primarily being used indoors at this time. The Bluetooth capabilities, weather resistance, and solar charging capabilities this speaker features are worth the cost.

Product Guarantees & Replacement:

Peak Wireless Audio offers a full money back guarantee if the user is not fully satisfied, advertising they will do this with no questions asked. We personally did not experience the need to do utilize this service during the month and a half of testing.


Although we did not seemingly utilize Peak’s SOLARSOUND Solar-charging Bluetooth Speaker to its full capabilities, we feel comfortable recommending it as a good solar charging speaker capable of handling outdoor exposure and travel. We have plans to continue to use this speaker during current and future travels and adventures.

Try Peak Audio’s SOLARSOUND Solar-charging Bluetooth Speaker for yourself! You can find it on Amazon HERE!

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