The Desert Wind

Darwin, Bowie and myself are currently stationed on the edge of the Mojave Desert close to Ridgecrest, California. We have two very awesome friends who are full-time artists that have a studio on five acres of pure desert. We are surrounded by the tail end of the Sierra Nevada Mountain chain. It is quiet and still. Cool in the mornings, somewhat hot in the afternoons, then chilly in the evenings. Idyllic for the desert, that is until today.

Starting last night the wind picked up. We are used to this as Albuquerque can also be very windy especially in the spring. We tied down our awnings in preparation for the wind only to have them whipped up an hour later as the wind grew stronger. After readjusting our poles and stakes we waved our white flag and rolled up the awnings in defeat.

The wind continued throughout the night waking me periodically as The Box (our camper) rocked and squeaked against the wind. The wind continued into the morning. Like waves of an ocean, sand and dirt would roll off the desert floor into The Box, Me, The Stallion, or whatever else stood against it. The sand and dirt felt like needles to my bare skin. The winds clouded my eyes with desert debris and when trying to walk, forced my body to go where it the wind, so desired. Like an unwanted visitor, it swung wide our front door with such force the door hinges were bent leaving behind a door no longer able to close.

Even now as I sit and type this, the wind blows stronger than it has all day. The sand crackles against the Box’s walls. Continuous waves of sand, dirt, and sticks seem to have a goal of trying to topple our little home over. Bowie and I watch from a window as Creosotes bow their limbs to such velocity. Not a Crow cries out, all that can be heard is the wailing of the wind.


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