Lifestyle Review: The Pressurized Jerry Can from HydroBlu

Reviewed By: Darwin & Snuggles


The Pressurized Jerry Can Includes The Following When Purchased:

1 Four Gallon Jerry Can

1 Ultrafiltration Hollow Fiber Filter

1 Activated Carbon Filter

(Update: The Jerry Can, can now be found online including other items then those mentioned above) 


The Pressurized Jerry Can from Hydro Blue is a great option for the avid camper, traveler, or for most types of adventuring, and would be great in an emergency situation for water storage and cleaning. The Jerry Can holds four gallons of water when filled completely and features a large mouth opening that can easily take in water from a variety of sources. With just a few pumps the can provides clean one or two-way filtered water on demand.

First Impressions:

The Jerry Can is ready to go right out of the box and is pretty self-explanatory on how to use. Excited about its arrival we first tested the can using normal tap water using only the tube/outlet that is provided. HydroBlu advertises that the Jerry Can has a flow rate of 1 gallon in three minutes. In our experience this can be done however we did have to pump the can to pressurize it more to hit close to the three-minute mark. In our testing and experience with the can we have found that the amount of water being stored (full or halfway full) and altitude can make a difference on this claim.

We tested the longevity of water flow pressure by filling the can half way and pumping to pressurize exactly twenty times. The water flowed at a significant pressure for one minute and five seconds before there was any noticeable change in water pressure. We have found that the flow rate can be easily increased with a few more pumps even while water is already flowing or simply by filling the can up more.

We have found that the Jerry Can does provide water quicker and easier when elevated above a water bottle, dishes, hands, etc. We have wondered however if the water would be dispensed easier if the outlet tube was longer, leaving flowing water to be directed easier to a desired location.

The Jerry Can does not just hold water it provides an option to utilize a one or two filter system. The can primarily uses a hollow fiber filter that is can be easily attached and removed to the underside of the twisting “flow on and off nozzle.” We have primarily used this filter and have experienced no ill effects. The Hollow Fiber Filter advertises to clear 99.999% of damaging bacteria, Giardiasis, E. coli, protozoan Cysts, Cryptosporidium and more. Just as most Hollow Fiber Filters this one can be easily cleaned by backflushing when needed.

The Jerry Can also comes with a small Charcoal filter that is stored on the side of the can when not in use. Storing the filter in the Jerry Can is a great feature however the filter can be hard to remove from the can. The filter does not have a pull tab to assist with its removal which we feel would be helpful. We had used this filter only on the occasion we needed to ensure extra filtration for extremely dirty or questionable water sources. The charcoal filter simply attaches to the bottom of the hollow fiber filter. Typically charcoal filters remove various metals and chemicals from water and removes taste or flavor that may be present.

Quality & Durability:

Jerry Can:

We were immediately impressed with the quality of the can itself and overall durability. The can holds up to four gallons of water. We have used the can in a variety of weather conditions including highs of one hundred degrees and lows of thirty degrees (storing the filters inside when not in use) and have noticed no break down of the can itself or negative effects in water flow. During use, the Jerry Can was typically stored outside exposing it to direct sunlight, rain, extreme winds and the can only show a few minor scuff marks.


As with all filters, HydroBlu’s filters do have some limitations and require specific care. The Activated Charcoal Filter once exposed to air is advertised as having a one-year shelf life or will filter up to 250 gallons. HydroBlu’s Hollow Fiber Filter is advertised to have an unlimited shelf life or can be used until its full filtering life of 10,000 gallons. However, user discretion is advised as the lifetime of any filter greatly depends on how it has been cleaned on off trail and stored when not in use.


The Pressurized Jerry Can sells for around ninety dollars (depending on where it is purchased) not including shipping cost (links provided below). If you travel in any way Darwin and I both agree this is a worthwhile purchase as we ourselves utilize the Jerry Can every day.

Product Guarantees & Replacement Policies:

HydroBlu offers a thirty-day return policy on any of their products from the date it was received. The product, however, must be unused and in its original condition from purchase. If a return is needed HydroBlu asks to be contacted first to issue a Return Authorization Number and a receipt from the original purchase is needed. HydroBlu does not pay or refund any shipping costs on returned items and they inspect the item before granting a full refund. As of date, we have not needed to utilize any of these services for any HydroBlu products.


Replacement filters are available on HydroBlu’s website including the Virus Ultrafiltration Hollow Fiber Filter. It should be noted that during testing we only used the filters that came with the Jerry Can.

The Pressurized Jerry Can can also be used with an attachment that we bought separately. Darwin and I specifically bought The Shower Head Attachment for our can. Although named “The Shower Head” this can be somewhat misleading as the attachment is a simple spray nozzle that can be found with most home kitchen sinks. This attachment was bought in an effort to be more efficient with cleaning dishes thinking the spray nozzle would help provide more pressure. We have found the nozzle to be useful as it still delivers filtered water from the can but our expectations were possibly set too high.

No matter how much the Jerry Can is pressurized the spray nozzle does not push water out with much force. The nozzle does, however, release water with somewhat more force than that of the small tube/outlet that comes with the can. After pressurizing the can with several pumps the Shower Head works best if the Jerry Can itself is lifted higher allowing maximum water flow to the nozzle (this should be easy to do as the hose itself is 6ft long). We would not recommend this attachment for “showering” at camp but it can be used to help clean up to some extent. For only $12.95 we felt it was overall a worthwhile purchase.


Unlike most jerry cans found online the Pressurized Jerry Can from HydroBlu both stores and filters water. It is easy to use and requires little effort to pressurize, which then provides clean, double filtered water from any source on demand. HydroBlu’s can is very easy to store and stands up to a variety of weather conditions and allows the use of attachments making it a worthy companion to the camper, traveler, or overall adventure seeker. Darwin and I both recommend this can and have found it essential to life on the road while living full-time in a camper.

You Can Find The Pressurized Jerry Can On Amazon At:

Check Out HydroBlu’s Website For Their Full Line Of Products Here!

HydroBlu provided us with a sample Pressurized Jerry Can. We have no contractual agreement with this company and only give reviews on gear we would use or feel would benefit our viewers/readers to know more about. We are self-employed and do not receive further compensation from HydroBlu for this gear review.
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