An Early Morning Fall-Time Stroll

This is a flashback journal entry from sometime in fall of the year 2013. I found this entry going thru some of my old journals which I like to do from time to time. I felt like this was appropriate as most places are starting to look and feel like harvest time! Fall gives me the tingles!

I took Bowie for a walk after my run this morning and it was incredibly refreshing. I am not sure if Bowie thought so, she was too busy smelling other dog’s poop and peeing every two seconds but I’ll pretend she was refreshed as well.


I love the fall! I try to appreciate each season for what it offers but fall is no doubt my favorite. The still, darkened sky with all the brightly colored leaves gives off a great contrast, this early in the morning.

It feels as though there is magic in the morning air. My body tingles with it. The changing of the seasons feels often electric…

I watch as the sun starts to make its grand entrance. It’s rays peak thru the balding tree branches. The neighborhoods around me are quiet except for a few squeaks from the early birds, the crunch of the leaves and the small sounds they make when falling.

It smells damp but fresh out here…

I can’t believe that I am the only one seeing this, hearing this, feeling this. What a scene! The rising sun, the cool breeze, the falling leaves! So silent but so emotionally loud and demanding of attention; I am overcome.

I am not sure if the trees have ever put on such a show before. I wonder if this happens every fall morning?

Maybe it does and I’ve just never taken the time to notice.


(Me, Not Strolling But Enjoying Some Fall While Out On A Pre AT Backpacking Trip)

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