You Know You’re Hiker Trash When You’re Off Trail And…

You poop and pee outside even when you have access to a toilet.

You forget to wear deodorant.

You wear the same clothes during the day without washing them for a week or more and only change into another set of clothes to sleep in of which you also have not washed in a week or more.

You no longer carry a purse but must at least have your daypack stocked with snacks and ready to go with gear when walking on anything that is not asphalt or concrete.

Your hiking boots or trail runners are your only foot attire besides your camp shoes and yes you still use your camp shoes.

Nothing is safe from your sticker collection.

Your furniture consists of lawn chairs, a foam mattress (or a blow-up mattress) and an ass pad.

You shower maybe once a week even when you have access to a shower.

You no longer brush your hair but pull it back with a buff or trucker hat.

Your feet always have calluses.

To air out laundry or dry your clothes you still use trekking poles or the nearest tree branch.

Your make-up becomes all crusty and old cause you feel the same about it as you do about hiking in cotton.

You have some type of “trail” tattoo.

You secretly still crave ramen bombs, pop-tart peanut butter sandwiches, mac & cheese mixed with a random assortment of chips and random meat products, snickers with peanut butter, hot chocolate with a snickers melted in it, cookies of any kind, donuts…

When you see trash on the street you do a double take to make sure it’s not trail magic.

You never worry about your car breaking down cause you know you’ll just throw out a thumb and hitch.

You forget to shave your legs and pits even when wearing shorts and a tank top.

You constantly make sure you have enough water for….

You find some reason why you still need to use baby wipes in your daily life.

You get confused when wearing pants or shorts that have snaps and zippers. (Where’s the elastic?!)

You get upset that someone doesn’t finish their food and immediately have thoughts about eating it even if you don’t know them.

You still sew things with dental floss.

You still use your headlamp every night.

You still use duck tape to patch up holes in your clothing.

You catch yourself still looking for a blaze or rock cairn.

Anything else you can add to the list? Please comment and share below!


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20 thoughts on “You Know You’re Hiker Trash When You’re Off Trail And…

  1. You eat backpacker meals for dinner…at home. I just had a Packit Gourmet soup for dinner tonight and my son was willing to bring me home Thai from the restaurant. “Nah, I’ll just eat this Poblano Corn Chowder.”


  2. Your bag and pad (or hammock) are ALWAYS more comfortable than being indoors and in a bed.
    Always planning for the next hike/escape from civilization.
    You have embraced your stink.
    You only wear two pairs of socks, and there is a high probability that they are both Darn Tough.
    You refuse to give up the shirt and shorts you wore for five months straight.
    You are never seen without a Buff because they are awesome.
    There’s always a backpack packed and ready to go in your home.
    When food is dropped you yell “five second rule” and eat it anyways.


  3. Some of these things I think would make someone less than a desirable hiker, while some not at all.

    Pooping and peeing outside when you have access to a toilet. I pee outside all the time if it is ok to do so. Toilets waste water. Why waste up to a gallon of drinkable water just to get rid of half a liter of pee?

    Why is someone, I’m guessing your target is women on this one, considered trash if they don’t shave their armpits and legs while not on trail?

    Forgetting to wear deodorant? I haven’t worn deodorant in I don’t know how long.

    Your feet always have calluses? My feet have had calluses as long as I can remember, years before I even started hiking.

    You have some type of trail tattoo. YOU have at least one trail tattoo that I’ve seen.

    As someone who has done conservation work for a number of years, including 4 years as a backcountry restoration worker in Yosemite, I can say that if you use toilet paper or wipes regularly on the trail, you are not necessarily trash, just not very conscious or a rookie. A smooth stick or select flora is far superior to 2 ply, 3ply. Charmins got nothing on a smooth stick after a rainstorm.

    You get upset at someone not finishing all their food? Once again, I have always gotten upset at people not finishing their food. It’s wasteful.

    I’m guessing by the tone of this article that you might see the term hiker trash as maybe an endearing term. I do not see it or use it that way. When I consider someone to be trash, it means that’s where they belong, in actual trash at a garbage dump. And if that is the case, that you are using it as a endearing term to embrace fellow hikers, than please disregard my response. If though, you are using it in a derogatory way, can you give your definition of hiker trash. I think trash is kinda a harsh word to throw around, especially for someone so well composed and thoughtful on their videos.

    Hiker trash. Anyone who:

    Washes their dishes in a water source.
    Uses soap whether for dishes or on their body while at a water source.
    Does not thoroughly put out a campfire, thinking that it will go out naturally.
    Camps right next to the trail.
    Burns food wrappers or other types of things, especially tinfoil, in campfires.
    Does not follow proper protocol for pooping in the woods, especially not packing out TP.


    • Hey Danny! First you left this comment after reading a Snuggles Diary…Darwin makes the videos. Second, Hiker Trash is a term of endearment. It’s what we call each other. This whole post was meant to be funny, some funny thoughts for a hiker on or off trail. I’m sorry you took it in a negative way. Hope you enjoy some of my other posts! – Snuggles


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