Moon Run

Another flashback post….The below was found in one of my old journals dated April of 2014…Enjoy! 

I stepped outside for an early morning run; my body began taking on its natural pace. I was fully overtaken by the feel of my muscles moving. Muscles contracting. Muscles releasing.

I rounded a corner hitting the halfway point, the morning air still crisp and cool. The moon above me bright and plump was still lingering in the dark sky. The Moon. She was beautiful and I was instantly taken in, drawn to her. I felt her, pulling me ever closer to her pale glow.

I felt everything then. I felt the Earth and became aware of my very small presence in it. I felt in tune with my animal side, feeling wild and free as I breathed in the richness of the damp soil around me. This little section of Earth so green, stirring with life.

I looked up again at the Moon and became locked on her; trapped in the lull of her luminescence beams. The Earth seemed to likewise place a grip on me, trying to keep me grounded for surely I was floating into the dark sky.

The Moon. The trance she had me in became weakened by hues of pinks and purples slowly filling the black sky. The chirps of birds filled my ears. They rejoiced in the coming light. I watched as the Sun slowly began to push the Moon away and her hold on me became even more depleted.

The Moon’s hypnotic spell was finally broken when she succumbed to the Sun, melting into the clouds of the morning sky.

My run was done and the epic battle of dawn was over.

A new day had begun.


(A Picture Of The Coming Dawn Taken From The AT) 

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