The Year Of Movement

2015 – The Year of Adventure

2016 – The Year of Completion

2017- The Year of Movement 

We started 2017 in Albuquerque, NM in an apartment with furniture and controlled temperatures. We have now finished the year in Twenty-Nine Palms, California in a 5×8 cargo trailer with only lawn chairs as furniture, window air, and a propane heater.

We have moved from an apartment to a friend’s backyard, to a forest, to a garage, to another friend’s open desert property, back to the forest and back to a garage again.

I have hiked on the AZT and PCT along with various other unnamed trails. I have followed paths that lead to debris from a long-ago plane crash, to a vintage travel trailer and a hermit.

Darwin and I have visited with old friends and made lots of new ones.

We have experienced the extreme winds of the desert along with its heat and the bone-chilling cold of the winter forests and monsoon rains.

I have turned away from a life of creature comforts back to one of digging cat holes and no showers.

I rediscovered and explored old loves like The Grand Canyon, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Joshua Tree National Parks.

We have bid our loyal travel companion The Black Stallion a final farewell and welcomed The Clydesdale into our lives.

2017, you were a year full of changes, adjustments, uncertainty, errors, and clarity. Thank you for everything you gave us; a year of movement in more ways than one.

Nice to meet you 2018, I look forward to getting to know you and take on whatever adventures you may have in store.

Darwin & Snuggles

Things To Expect In Up Coming Blog Posts/Website Posts And Other Doings:

Check Out These Super Cool AT Ornaments @ Trailsideornaments! Darwin and I have one hanging in our van!

A Book Review/Discussion On Carrot Quinn’s Thru-Hiking Will Break Your Heart: An Adventure On The Pacfic Crest Trail – Coming Soon! 

Year End Posts And Lots of Randomness You May Enjoy:

Random Thoughts and Happenings While Living in a National Forest…

Things I Learned The First Week Living In A Camper…

The Dead-End Trail To The Couch

A New Mountain, A New Year



4 thoughts on “The Year Of Movement

  1. Poignant as always…thoughts of living your dream come into my mind, as I picture your path this year. Can’t wait to see what you’re working on next, Snuggles😉I’m hoping for chapter one of your book!! Eastward bound, road blessings on you two kids!
    Your Senior Fan Club In Gilbert, AZ 🤗


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