Departure Into The Unknown…

We are preparing to leave our hometown to head back out West. Darwin has finished his Pinhoti thru-hike and we are both switching gears looking now towards preparing for his PCT thru-hike. As we start packing up the van, I can’t help but find this all a little bittersweet. I have considered Evansville, Indiana my home base the last couple of weeks and obviously have a lot of connections here with friends and family. With our departure just around the corner, I’ve looked back to my past journal entries for some type of comfort…

An excerpt taking from an entry dated October 22, 2014:

Darwin and I have made our decision to leave. This idea that once seemed mischievous and something that was our “little secret” has become reality for us. This idea to travel and hike is growing into something even bigger, of what I can’t exactly say or even try to put into words. We are leaving the known and choosing the unknown. This idea is a decision that others talk and laugh about but never take any further, eventually letting it fade away.

I feel a peace in me that I haven’t felt in a very long time; a feeling of change is working in my innermost self. I will continue to nourish it and help it grow. Whoever this makes me and where this takes me I at least know I’ve more than talked about it, I’m living it.


(Before We Had Any Real Road Or Trail Miles On Us) 

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  1. Being there are few charismatic through and section hikers on Youtube, I am surprised Darwin hasn’t been picked up by a TV talk show. Perhaps you need a piblicist or you can be your own.

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