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The Basic GoGirl Includes The Following When Purchased:

1 Go Girl (urination device)

1 Storage Bag

1 Set of tissues


I have heard about GoGirl and other female urination devices (FUD) before but have always found squatting in the woods sufficient. Recently, however, curiosity got the best of me and I purchased a GoGirl for myself. Initially, I felt the GoGirl would be a bit useless but after actually using it, I can totally see how it can be helpful and fun to use. Secretly I also wanted to try to pee standing up without doing so all over myself.


GoGirl was not developed specifically for female travelers in mind but for a female patient. Due to medical reasons, this patient was not able to just get up and “go” a task that most of us take for granted. What we now know as the “GoGirl” was developed for the sole purpose of aiding a loved one and giving them a sense of independence and dignity. After seeing the awesomeness and possible usefulness of the design, more were made and things took off for GoGirl. After learning the reason behind its creation, the GoGirl made a little more sense to me.

First Impressions:

I at first honestly thought the GoGirl was completely unneeded so it had a lot to prove. My first attempt at using mine was in the comforts of a bathroom with an extra set of shorts in case something went wrong. I also completely dropped my drawers to make sure everything was in place correctly. The first time was similar to that of peeing in a cup at a doctor’s office. I had to pee but as soon as I had everything in place, I couldn’t. The next attempt, I found myself fighting off the fear I was going to pee all over myself. After so many years of peeing sitting down, I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel this way. When finally things were a go, I had the immediate desire to pee on everything I looked at; I could aim!

It took several practice trips to finally feel comfortable enough on the placement of the GoGirl and with making sure it had a secure seal, to use only one hand. This, however, is a personal preference. It also took me several more practice runs to use the GoGirl without completely dropping trow. The GoGirl does come with directions and I do recommend they be reviewed before first trying it out.

Quality & Durability:

The GoGirl is advertised as being made from medical grade silicone and is 100% Latex free. Being made of silicone allows it to be lightweight and very packable. My basic GoGirl weighs 1 ounce and is about 6 inches tall (from the tallest point) and 2 inches wide (from widest point). The GoGirl is available in two colors Pink/Lavender or Camouflage/Khaki. Each is antimicrobial and moisture resistant allowing for quick dry times and easy cleanup. Out in the field, I shake my GoGirl after usage and wa-la! it’s dry and ready to go.

When it comes to cleaning, I simply just rinse out my GoGirl with water when returning to home base from a hike, or rinsing when possible on the road. It can, however, be cleaned with soap and water if so desired.


The GoGirl can be found online or at various outdoor/retail stores for around $10.99 for the basic version. There are other versions found online that include both the device and a twelve-inch tube extension. The extension can also be purchased separately along with other GoGirl branded items such as travel toilet paper and travel bag.

GoGirl has recently teamed up with another company providing a disposable biodegradable version of a female urination device named “Stand Up”. You can learn more about this product by visiting GoGirl’s website (see link below).

Product Guarantees & Replacement:

GoGirl does offer possible refunds for anyone not satisfied with their GoGirl however refunds will be issued at GoGirl’s discretion. Details on refunds can be found on GoGirl’s website (see link below).


I’m not sure if I would personally take the GoGirl out on a long distance backpacking trip but I can see where it would be useful in order to avoid taking off a fully loaded pack or other gear in order to urinate. If a lady wants to wipe every time with toilet paper or a pee rag, using the GoGirl may be a bit excessive. For me, digging out my GoGirl and toilet paper just to pee was a little too time-consuming and inconvenient which is why on longer backpacking trips I’ll probably just stick with a pee rag.

Using a GoGirl out on a road trip or a smaller hike is where I find it the most useful. I have found that in a pinch on a road trip using the GoGirl to pee in a bottle or bucket is perfect. The device funnels fluid in the proper place with no splashing or misses. On smaller hikes, my GoGirl fits perfectly in a side pocket to grab and use easily.

The only hesitation I still have with using the GoGirl in any setting is while I’m on my period. I simply don’t feel comfortable using it anywhere during this time and feel its more of an inconvenience when dealing with cleanup and along with other needed supplies that a female has to carry to deal with her period. This is more of a personal preference.

Overall I must admit the GoGirl is simply just fun to use! I’m glad I finally tried it and will continue to use it on some of my adventures. For only ten bucks, I think every lady give it a go. No matter if a female prefers the indoors or life outdoors, I think she will find some way the GoGirl adds to her lifestyle.

For more information, check out GoGirl’s website!

You can also find GoGirl on Amazon via this link http://amzn.to/2Fzytz7 or at most retail stores!



***6/7/18 GOGIRL UPDATE****

I’m really getting comfortable using my GoGirl and use it daily in my current van life. I have no hesitation anymore with the feeling I may urinate on myself and have successfully conquered using the GOGirl without exposing my whole backside! I have occasionally used it still while on my period, however, I find clean-up is a must after every use during this time. The key to the GoGirl is “practice makes perfect.” I could not imagine traveling without and only wish I would have bought one sooner!

– Snuggles





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7 thoughts on “GoGirl Review

  1. Guy alert. I think that these things really come into their own during serious winter camping. Think below zero, howling winds and maybe a campsite on the edge of a mountainous ridge. Alaska girls have been using these for years. They use those yellow gasoline HEET treatment bottles that has been modified.

  2. Before getting into hiking, I used the go girl for road trips. But then I found a new stand to pee (stp) device. It’s called the pibella. Also designed for patients that can’t get up to go or can’t bend at the waist. It costs more, but is a sturdier device. With the same learning curve as the go girl, the pibella is easier and more reliable than the go girl in my experience. And now that I’m into hiking it has become my choice of stp devices. It doesn’t require you to drop your pants at all, just unzip or pull down the front of your pants. Then just move your undies aside.

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