Desert-ey Things I Have Discovered and Pondered This Week…

  • Always empty your shoes after a hike in the desert!


  • Yuccas are root vegetables.


  • I love the crunch of sand under my shoes in the desert. It reminds of cereal. Cereal reminds me of breakfast.  I’ve eaten cereal the last few days for breakfast. Does this mean I want to actually eat sand? Hmmmm….


  • Just because the temperature in the desert is cool enough to wear a jacket, doesn’t mean you still won’t get a sun burn.


  • A chocolate cake weighing at least ten pounds in deliciousness is extremely hard to say no too…if only I were thru-hiking….OOPS! This is about dessert not desert!


  • There is such a thing as a “Jumping Cactus” and it will find you!


  • I was reminded that camping and hiking are really great ways to get to know new friends!


  • The desert sky is filled with diamonds at night!


  • Coyotes will wake you up from a dead sleep when howling right outside your van.


  • It’s always interesting the places you will stumble upon in the desert…The Fire Pit is just such a place….



(New Friends Kat and Steve Observing A Wild Darwin In His Van) 


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