Traveling Alongside the PCT…

My days with Darwin are numbered. The Pacific Crest Trail looms over us, well at least it’s looming over me. I feel unprepared and even now my stomach gurgles at the thought of the PCT. Yeah I know, I’m not even hiking. If I were about to set off for the PCT I would be in even worse shape. Feeling the urge to poop at the very mention of the word “hike”, random moments of nauseous worry, constant list making, and obsessive gear checks. What is Darwin doing? Working on our van, filming, hiking, editing video, and pooping as normal. How he does all this I know not.

Besides reading about the PCT insistently, I have prepared myself for the next few months in other ways. I have set my eyes on several short-term and long-term goals to work towards while Darwin is hiking. I also have two pretty large projects in the works for the Snuggle Diaries, not to mention a full plate of responsibilities I’m taking over for Darwin. In short, I have set myself up a list of “To Dos” in efforts to keep busy and stay focused on personal goals that often get pushed to the side for one reason or another.

I’m looking forward to exploring the PCT without actually dedicating a large chunk of life to hiking the entire thing. While out on the Appalachian Trail I always thought it would be fun to live alongside a long distance trail and meet those who traveled on it. Now I have the opportunity to do so with the PCT. I’m excited to listen to trail stories and not just be the one to tell them. I’m inspired by those who challenge their comfort zones, hikers regardless of the distance, do that. I am in a position to provide trail magic for the 2018 hikers and I can’t wait to smell the stink!

Bowie our beloved pup will be serving as my co-pilot. The road takes its toll on everyone and our pup is no exception but she seems ready to go. Bowie always keeps travel time interesting and naptimes prevalent. She is my favorite partner in crime, despite her awful breath.

Although different preparations than Darwin, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. In less than a week, he will start his venture on the PCT while I start mine alongside it.

Excuse me while I go poop again…..


(The Bowie Dog Observing Her Humans Load Up The Van) 

*** Added Note***

To the person(s) that shot silly string all over the Spilt Rock Trail in Joshua Tree National Park yesterday, I cleaned it up for you. You’re welcome. Obviously if you feel the need to shoot neon purple and pink silly string everywhere in a National Park because your to dumb to notice all the natural beauty around you, you don’t need to be there. Please don’t come back. 

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14 thoughts on “Traveling Alongside the PCT…

  1. Hey Snuggles from a dedicated Darwinite and fellow Evillian. Thanks for sharing your concerns and missives, not to worry though all will be awesome I’m sure. So much fun ahead for you and Darwin! I was to start the trail on March 10 myself but yet again life has got in the way. You and Darwin keep up the good work and thanks again. We be watchin!! Hike on!!

  2. Just finished Girl in the Woods. Most books about the trail I am so sorry they cannot last forever. But this one. Glad it is over. So sorry Aspen did not meet or KNOW one guy that was a decent human being. Not a one. Maybe this is gender treason or something but I more than understand and appreciate. Even Mr Wonderful, her husband. turned out to be a pure jerk. Won’t use the cuss words I feel about how she was treated. I DID like finding out about the Earth Lights though.
    Hope you have a great time supporting Darwin. I just have a feeling will be a great trip for you as well. And Bowie

  3. It might be fun and interesting too, to interview the trail angels along the way to find out things like 1) why they do this 2) why are they so committed to helping total strangers 3) what were the things that influenced their decision to doing the wonderful things they do 4) is being a trail angel something they thought of on their own or has it been a family tradition of sorts. Local history of how some of the towns
    along the trail would be fun to learn as well.
    All the best to you and Darwin on this very long journey! At least the snow in the Sierra’s is reasonable this year. I will stay tuned for all the adventures!!

  4. Hi Snuggles. On a WordPress website you can have several editors. Why don’t you make your own editor-account? That way it is more clear to us readers who writes what. My first thought was that this was “written” by the dog, because of the poop remarks. Why don’t you hike the PCT together?

  5. Hey Belle! Interesting.. I’ll have to look into that…some of the goals I mention involve the website/changes…I do try to list all my blogs on the Snuggles Diary Section of our website and introduce them as a Snuggle Diary on Darwin’s Facebook Page, even when I’m in Darwin’s videos saying my name, most people still think “Snuggles” is the dog. Haha! As far as the PCT, I have no desire to hike it…not even a little.

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