Lifestyle Review- Monkii Bars 2: Adventure Kit

Reviewed By: Darwin & Snuggles

Adventure Kit Includes The Following When Purchased:

  • Hand Holds
  • Straps
  • Foot Straps
  • Phone Holder
  • Mobile App Information
  • A few other fun examples of the companies humor


Although we (Darwin & Snuggles) have often discussed hiking as the best form of training for a hike of any kind, we do enjoy other types of workouts. Yoga, running, cycling, and weight lifting are also ways we enjoy exercising and find them great ways to cross train. It is, however, difficult to justify the extra weight and space a set of weights takes up when traveling full-time in a trailer or van. This, however, was a problem that we suspected would be resolved with using Monkii Bars 2.

First Impressions:

When the Adventure Kit was first shipped we did encounter a few issues due to weather and a tight schedule solely on our own behalf. Monkii Bars 2 was more than accommodating and very understanding of our lifestyle. When the equipment actually arrived we were surprised by the packaging for such a simple thing. It was packaged in a box close to the size of an average shoebox. The box had die-cut designs and many examples of the company’s good sense of humor were found inside along with the actual bars (we will leave the specifics as a surprise). The company though small delivers a big personality, which we found very likable.

At first setting up the Adventure Kit in any setting proved to be slightly challenging. This may, however, be due to our fear of not setting it up correctly and falling on our face. It took us several times watching the setup videos to finally feel confident enough to actually try the equipment out. We were also slightly confused noticing the bars shown in setup videos are sometimes another version of the bars. Upon further research, we found the Monkii Bars 2 had been redesigned making them smaller, lighter and more compactable. We do however still have issues packing up the bars exactly as they came. We can only hope continued practice will make perfect!

The system itself uses an individual’s own bodyweight instead of actual weights; a suspension system. This along with the lines provided in the kit, allows the intensity of the workout to be adjusted as needed for every individual’s level of fitness. We found the workouts provided by the Monkii Bars App a great aid and motivator. The follow-along workout videos are presented in a very relatable and relaxed way. Often workout equipment is introduced by somewhat intimidating model-like figures. Monkii Bars provides informative videos by the people who have actually had a hand in creating the product and still use it.

The specific workouts provided by the Monkii are yet another example of the companies humor and approachability. With workouts named “Quarter-life Crisis”, “Legs Like A Sequoia”, and “Core of Destiny” to only name a few, you will no doubt stay interested in the workouts. The workouts involve the entire body making it in our opinion, a great way to cross train or simply allow a rest day from our typical workouts.

Quality & Durability:

The Adventure Kit is named such for its ability to be taken and used almost anywhere. It is easily packable taking up a small amount of space for a piece of equipment that provides multitudes of ways to work out. We have used our kit indoors and outdoors via front doors, van doors, and trees.

The Adventure Kit (along with all versions of Monkii Bars) is able to convert to the “Ultralight Kit”. Allowing the system to be used anywhere and put it into use just about everywhere using just the basic equipment (i.e. no extra straps, case, phone holder, etc.). This has allowed us to use the bars among the trees and is a big part of why we have found the Monkii Bars 2 so fun and convenient to use.

Monkii Bars 2 Kits are made from within the USA and are advertised as using the highest quality materials possible, including Spectra Line. Monkii Bars 2 is incredibly strong but as most exercise equipment does have a weight limit of 250 pounds. Although there have been reports of people using the bars successfully beyond this limit, the company does not recommend doing so.


Compared to some similar workout equipment, Monkii Bars 2 is actually cheaper than others. The Adventure Kit can be purchased for $195.00 and will be shipped for free within the USA when using a free promo code currently being offered on

Because of the cost, Monkii is very understanding that this may not be reasonable for everyone. They, however, want everyone to enjoy their product and benefit health wise by using it and so offer information on making a DIY version of the bars. You can find this information on their website HERE.

Product Guarantees:

Monkii offers a 100% guarantee and a full refund all within 30-days of delivery. After the 30-day guarantee repairs and replacements will be issued if the equipment was used as it was intended causing the need for repair or replacement.

Monkii also offers free Spectra Line replacement if the line is breaking down in some way due to normal use. For a full list of product guarantees and replacements, please review the information on Monkii’s website HERE.


Although similar to other products known on the market, Monkii Bars 2 has the ability to work within your current lifestyle and the company itself is very personable. These were the characteristics that caught our attention at first without even trying anything out. Now having used The Adventure Kit for over two months we have no plans of stopping. Although the results of any workout equipment depend on the individual using it, along with their workout goals, we (Darwin and Snuggles) feel we have only benefited from having introduced Monkii Bar workouts into our personal routines (hence this review!).

If you are interested in trying out Monkii Bars 2 for yourself, you can find them and their variety of kits HERE.

UPDATE 5/1/18: Monkii just put out a KickStarter! Check it out HERE!










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