A Few Hikers I Have Known

I have been hovering around Julian, CA this past week and I have met many hikers. At first, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to locate the trail exactly but it didn’t take long to get my bearings. I had unknowingly parked the Clydesdale close by a side trail that some hikers take to get water. Sunshine Trailhead is right off the PCT around mile fifty-nine and never seemed to fail at providing me, hikers.

One morning not long after waking up, a young woman approached me. I knew instantly she was a hiker by her sunned skin, pack, and a small sense of concern. She and her two traveling companions were out of water and the tank was dry. I, of course, gave them all I had which luckily was the exact amount they needed. While they were filling up we talked pleasantries about their hike and their homelands, Poland and Germany. They left me at the trailhead surprised at my good fortune at having my day start with such pleasant people and of course their beautiful accents.

Another time I was at the post office sorting some mail when I overheard the postmaster giving information on possible rides to a trailhead. I hadn’t even noticed the hiker at the counter. I interrupted them both by introducing myself and informed the hiker I would be glad to help after I finished sorting and mailing. The hiker turned towards me revealing a smile, slightly hidden by a long white beard. This was Tinker a hiker whom if I’m not mistaken is thru-hiking at the age of sixty-nine. He very lovingly spoke with Bowie and gave her a few pets before jumping in the Clydesdale. We chatted as we drove down a mountain to an area known as Scissors at mile seventy-seven.

Tinker was very charming and immensely polite. We swapped stories of our ventures on the Appalachian Trail as he had thru-hiked in 2016 and discussed his attempt at the Pacific Crest Trail just last year. In no time we had chatted right past our turn allowing us a few extra minutes of trail talk. Tinker was very gracious for the ride and as I watched him hike into the desert I only hoped I would see him up the trail again.

I also had a chance meeting with The Quinns, A family of hikers out doing a section of the PCT. The family was made up of a husband and wife, their two teenage sons, and grandmother too! I was totally impressed that the whole family was out getting some vitamin trail! Out of all the family vacations to choose from theme parks, cruises, beaches, etc. they had chosen to spend their time together backpacking. Their family along with a few other hikers filled the Clydesdale to a record six hikers with packs. We shall see how long this record stands!

There are so many more hikers I could tell you about, those with trail names and others still without. I have met hikers from all over the world each taking on the trail in their own way. It is a privilege to meet such amazing people. Each is on a quest of some kind and if you have ever talked to someone on a quest, you know they have the greatest stories.


(A Few PCT Hikers Enjoying Some Water & Trail Magic) 

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17 thoughts on “A Few Hikers I Have Known

  1. What an excellent, happy, great posting. So much going on that makes the world a better place thought knowing and understanding.
    You must be so pleased to be a huge part of that good society.
    THANK YOU !!!

  2. You always brighten our walk, Snuggles…air hugs 🤗 from your Senior Fan Club of Gilbert, AZ🌵🦂

  3. When reading this in your RSS-reader it is again very unclear who wrote this. I found it very strange that Darwin not needed the water himself on the trail. Then I understood that Clydesdale is the name of a car? Please! Create separate user accounts and then let ‘Darwin’ add Snuggles her account. See https://wordpress.com/start/account/user/en for making a different account and then go to WP-admin > Users to add Snuggles.

  4. Hey Belle! Again thank you for bringing this to my attention. We do have plans for making changes to the website but most of which will be happening after Darwin’s PCT Hike. I again will be looking into to your suggestion and your suggestion from last week. WIFI is not always a possiblity with life on the road but I thank you for your patience with this. I don’t see Darwin that often on trail and he had actually not stopped by this water source. Sorry for all the confusion.

    – Snuggles

  5. It is awesome to hear not only your stories, but theirs interwoven. Thanks Snuggles!

  6. I’m living vicariously through you both on this trail! I thoroughly enjoy reading the updates!

    Scout on!

  7. The problem ofcourse is also, as you must have noticed, that my native tongue is not English but Dutch. When I Google ‘Clyvesdale’ things don’t get better when I get results of pictures of horses. Is it a brand of a car or you named your car (is it a car?).

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