Back To Nature

Bowie and I have been hovering in the Big Bear Lake area after spending some time in San Diego, CA with a friend. After the big city we were ready to hit the great outdoors again and if you haven’t been to Big Bear I recommend it. It seems to be a big destination for those who enjoy frozen water sports. The lack of snow, however, has caused many early closures for the slopes. Regardless, there still seems to be plenty to do in the area. Bowie and I chose to spend most of our time hiking and found a trail that connects to the PCT. We hiked a little on the actual PCT itself and it felt good to know that somewhere Darwin was hiking on it too. A cool characteristic of any long distance trail is that it’s continuous; connecting states, trails, and people.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that there are other trails that can be enjoyed besides long distance trails and Bowie and I are trying to make a point to find them. Besides the small connector trail to the PCT, we also have explored the Woodland Trail. This mile and a half trail is an interpretive loop. At the trailhead, you can find a little green brochure providing you information for each of the sixteen numbered posts you will hike passed along your way. I found this hike very enjoyable as we learned about the Serrano Natives who summered in Bear Valley, Mountain Mahogany dulling chainsaws, Jeffrey Pines smelling like Vanilla, Acorn Woodpeckers hiding Acorns, Woodrat structures, well…. at least I learned about these things, Bowie was simply enjoying the smells. This trail was a great reminder that it doesn’t matter how many miles you hike, you can learn from and enjoy any distance of trail.

Another day, Bowie and I visited The Big Bear Discovery Center. Although created with kids in mind, I found the center very interesting and full of information. It was craft time when I arrived and I secretly wished I could join in the fun; kids only, unfortunately. I talked briefly with a few employees in the gift shop about traveling and PCT hikers, which is always a joy to do. Bowie and I then took another small nature walk and learned more about Pinyon-Juniper habitats. Our last few days in Big Bear were spent out in nature and learning.

***Nature is typically free (besides some required passes which only aids in preserving the area) and can usually be found right outside your door (yes, that means your local city parks too!). I challenge you to get out this week and hug a tree or take a deep breath full of grasses and flowers. Let Mother Nature in!


(Willow Bushes, Replica Eagle’s Nest, Granite Pile) 

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