A Few More Hikers I Have Known

I knew she was out on the trail but I wasn’t sure if I would see her. The “her” is Bean Dip. Darwin and I met Bean Dip and her mom Birdie out on the AT. Now, she is hiking the PCT with her sister Moonshine. When Darwin hit Big Bear, CA Bean-Dip was already there and we were able to rehash old trail stories and catch up on life. We hadn’t seen each other for almost two years as Bean-Dip returned to her home in Australia.

Just when I felt my eyes water as Darwin hit the trail again, she saved the day and invited me to join her and her PCT Tramily while they ate pie. I listened to their stories and laughed along with them enjoying their company easing the ache from Darwin’s departure. The next morning I drove Bean-Dip, Moonshine, Heidi, and Seeker back to the trailhead. They lingered around the van for a few minutes trying to find motivation against the cold, until finally, the trail called them away.

About a week or so later I met with Darwin to keep him company while nursing a bum shin in Wrightwood, CA. While in town I ran into two hikers I had met before, Foxtrot and Raven. Foxtrot at one point, had hiked along with Darwin and I first met him while doing trail magic outside of Julian, CA. A hiker possibly closer to my own age, Foxtrot has hiked the PCT before and always has great stories to share about life on and off the trail. He seems to have a confidence and joy that is nothing but infectious. He’s also the second hiker I’ve seen carry a fanny-pack; they are making a comeback!

When I first met Raven, it was actually his birthday. I gave him a ride into Big Bear, CA and promised him a birthday beer. I never had the opportunity to play out this promise, which I reminded him again that I owed him. If I’m not mistaken, the PCT is Raven’s first thru-hike and he seems to be enjoying every minute of it. I gave both hikers a ride to and from a hotel outside of Wrightwood and greatly appreciated the conversation with them. From naked old men at hot springs, trail terrain, to moose on train tracks, the short time I’ve spent with both hikers was filled with laughter.



(A Few Scenes Of Beauty I Was Able To Take In) 

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Bean-Dip and Heidi are both documenting their hike via YouTube. Click their names to follow their journeys!

Since I’ve been on the road I have found another helpful website in finding a place to park or camp…if your traveling anytime soon you may want to check this site out…freecampsites.net

Thanks so much to Sarge at Big Bear Hostel! He so graciously allowed me to pop in for a shower!

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