A List Of Week Events…

1.) The sliding door on the Clydesdale got jammed and I couldn’t close it. I had to deflate the tire to free the door (it was jammed on the tire). I then had to wait for Good Sam Roadside Assistance to come rescue me and air up my flat. Oh! I guess I forgot to mention I was in the middle of the woods when this all went down!

2.) Dropped off a hiker at the Hollywood Burbank Airport without getting lost. I have been known to get turned around in airports. Two many directional signs to read all at once…

3.) I lost my mind trying to locate a pair of waterproof socks for Darwin. The things you will do when your beloved suspects he has trench foot.

4.) I felt actual rain on my face and listened to a storm pass over. I haven’t seen rain in over a month.

5.) Went to a super cool western movie museum in Lone Pine, CA and learned tons of movie trivia.

6.) Totally geeked out at an exhibit on one of my favorite movies (Tremors) and may or may not have creeped out an entire family in the process.

7.) Took in some amazing views in and around the Sierras.

8.) Got attacked by a few Fire Ants! The more I tried to get my sandal off, the more pissed off they got!

9.) Watched more hikers try to stuff four to five days of food in their bear canisters. All the while I tried guessing Mountain House flavors after they repackaged them.

10.) Enjoyed some free entertainment as Bowie did her best to pounce on a lizard who was just out of reach of her tether. The lizard totally was playing into this and teased her for about fifteen minutes. Van dweller comedy television!

11.) Fell asleep to the sounds of a stream, crickets, and the coos of a Dove.

12.) Took a record TWO showers in one week!


Things To Expect In Up Coming Blog Posts & Other Stuffs:

It is happening! I’m almost at the finish line to one of my life goals…writing a book! More details will be coming soon!

If you’re traveling you should check out the Good Sam Club and their Road Side Assistance Service. Obviously, I have found it helpful!!!

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7 thoughts on “A List Of Week Events…

  1. Good luck with your first book. I hope you and your husband will be the first hikers to appear on a national talk show circuit. Get a publicist for a few thousand.

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