Almost A Hiker: Another Ditty

While sitting in the van, doors open and nature coming in, I got a little rhyme-ey, flow-ey thing stuck in my head…

Instead of TV, I watch the trees; blades of grass dance back and forth in front of me. This must be what they see.

I have not seen them for a while, I’ve been a little hidden away.  I hear only the wind whipping around me. No laughter or talk, just soft chirps.

The wind is no longer heavy with sweat and dirt. I breathe in only sweet-smelling, earth with a tinge of pine.

The air is starting to get humid, and I relish the cool evening air.

I sometimes look like one, smell like one too, but I am not.

I travel by van and not on foot.

I watch the clouds glide swiftly above me; are they watching too?

Maybe I’ll travel like them again someday, but now my feet are tender and my skin is soft.

I’m inspired by those that travel by trail; I understand their toils and woes, but for right now I’m fine, just me and my pup again on the road to see our beloved hiker a little further up.

We are hoping he’ll be done soon.


(One Of Our Many Sunsets Seen From The Doors Of The Van) 

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