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It’s the first of August. You may be expecting to hear my book “Mini Misadventures” is available to purchase, but I won’t be saying that. It’s not ready. I have missed my goal.

The truth is that van life isn’t all pretty views (see one of my latest Instagram Posts) and easy living. It can be frustratingly hot, inconvenient, and unpredictable. Internet connection is a must when trying to work on a big project such as writing and publishing a book. With van life, I depend a lot on the WIFI availability at coffee shops, which isn’t always the strongest since I have to share with several other strangers. I also have a time limit during the day, Bowie and I cannot sit in the Clydesdale all day working (me) and sleeping (Bowie). We both go a little stir crazy, so we move around a lot. It’s sometimes hard to work, eat, and sleep in the same small space. A downfall of van life I suppose.

Since I have never written a book or published one on my own, I basically have no idea what I am doing and so thought I was almost finished. I was so excited to come out with a cover! But guess what? I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to work. A weak image as it were that will not print well as a paperback cover.

Instead of releasing something to you that isn’t a 100% what I want, I’m taking more time and getting the kinks worked out. Van Life moves at a slower pace and so will this book.

I did, however, get a little inspiration from a hiker friend in regards to van life. It’s so easy to find information on the luxuries and positives about van dwelling. Smiling pictures and amazing views; no one likes to show all the other times. Coming closer to the end of my excursion of four months living and traveling in a van along with the issues I’ve experienced trying to work on a book, I have plenty of good, bad, and ugly stories to share and will do so in the near future.

***Update: After writing this post, I got a notice that I one of my writings, has been featured as a guest post on a fellow bloggers site! Just the boost I needed after not hitting my book goal! See the link below to read a never before released Snuggle Diary!


(A common scene when working in the van) 

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One of my writings has been featured as a Guest Post!! Check out this piece over at The Armchair Mountaineer! I submitted this piece back in January! What an honor and surprise!

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  1. Snuggles

    CONGRATS on your success – published / blog

    Really enjoy your insights


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  2. Hey Bill! Darwin is trying to finish around his birthday August 11th. This is also the finishing date on his PCT Permit so he was trying to finish for that reason too! – Snuggles

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  4. Yes, Darwin finished on August 9th actually. Videos are behind due to his fast pace and the time it takes for our editor and myself to create quality videos. Darwin’s Instagram has been more updated on his trail whereabouts. – Snuggles

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