The Things That Remain

I woke slowly, sleeping to the exact moment of my alarm. The sun was already peeping into the van where it could. I had rested well, once I finally fell asleep. Sleep has been a distant friend lately.

I lingered over every movement, every action I took as the morning grew old.

I watched as the sun slowly brightened the forest around me. Soft rays of light filling in the dark spaces between branches creating spotlights on the forest floor, revealing various hues of greens and browns.

I watched in silence peering out from the van door, a silent observer to this light show.

I feel asleep again, listening to the early calls of unknown birds. When I opened my eyes once more, the forest was again changed. New ferns and moss were grinning in the warmth of the sun.

Lazily I piddled around doing my chores, watching pine needles fall great distances down, down, down, when the breeze pushed them to do so.

I listened to the winds, the birds, the flying insects, everything having its own destination.

I would stay today, I decided. In four months I’ve left for one reason or another, but today, I would stay. I would watch this small but wild place, observe it. Witness its changes.

The trees swayed and the dripping mosses waved to me. The warmth of the afternoon heating the forest floor and releasing deep earthy aromas.

The remnants of day-old spider webs glittered in the golden daylight.

Leaves fluttered, moved by unknown forces.

My journey would end soon, but these things would remain long after I’ve gone away.

There is a comfort in the things that remain.


(Morning Trail) 

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13 thoughts on “The Things That Remain

  1. I’m a fairly new reader to your blog posts (my husband and I have loved Darwin’s YouTube channel for a while but I only recently discovered your writings here). This post was like taking a deep, slow exhale, reminding me to stop and breath intentionally. Thank you for sharing it–I look forward to following both of your journeys going forward. 🙂

  2. You are a very good writer and I really enjoyed your post of waking in a spot in the forest. I felt as though I was right there.
    My wife Yvonne and I have enjoyed every one of your videos on u-tube.
    I am 87 and can no longer hike but we feel as if we are right there with you because you explain everything.
    Thanks and keep it up

  3. So glad you enjoy our media Cindy Kay! Sorry for the confusion but this was my post…We are working on seperating some things when Darwin gets off trail…we confuse everyone. When Darwin started the site, we had no idea “The Snuggle Diaries” would grow like it has! Thanks for reading! – Snuggles

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  6. I just started reading the life of Snuggles and Darwin. I am am 58 and 5 years from retirement. My wife and I have been married (happily) For 31 years. I have caught the hiking bug and I am very sick of the nine to five life (if you can call it life). It is a struggle to go to work in the morning. What was it that finally made Darwin and you decide to live life as defined by you and not by society? And yes I am not great at social media. So I am not sure if this the correct forum to ask this question.

  7. Hey Roy! Glad you found us! So it was a combination of things for us…basically we got to the point where we found ourselves traveling more then being at home, we didn’t want children, all of our friends were settling down, and we felt the opposite…Darwin talks more about this in some videos more in detail too…. – Snuggles

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