A Blur Of Activity …

The last few days have been a blur, so I made a list of happenings…


  • Darwin has returned to van life with Bowie and me


  • We spent several days in Bend, OR with friends where Darwin primarily lived at a  recovery gym


  • With the help of our friend Eric, the Clydesdale (our van) is back to 100% working order


  • I attended my first Brewfest (super fun now that I enjoy beer!)


  • Attended PCT Days 2018 (which was pretty dang impressive!)


  • Met a lot of great people who actually read this blog along with Darwin’s vids! (So cool to meet you all!)





  • Picked up a new hiking skirt at PCT Days to test out! (A full review will be happening!)


  • Purchased some new needed gear for an upcoming adventure (stay tuned!)


  • Started a family road trip down the coast via Route 101 with Darwin and Bowie


  • Watched a pod of wild seals play in the bay


  • Walked along the beach in the Pacific Northwest


  • Woke up to the calls of Sea Gulls



(Darwin Filming Me, Taking A Picture Of Him)


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12 thoughts on “A Blur Of Activity …

  1. What an amazing adventure for you both, I’ve been enjoying Darwin’s Vlogs and Snuggles adventures thru her diaries

  2. Wow! You’ve been busy.
    Thanks for informing us 😊
    Can’t wait to read about your next adventures!

  3. If your travels down 101 find you looking for a place to stay around Coos Bay, I’d invite you to come to my RV park to stay a couple days on me. It’s Alder Acres (www.AlderAcres.com) and while not out in the forest, I have made it a full amenity park that would complement the Clydesdale. Also very pet friendly! There’s actually a lot of fun beaches and scenery down cape Arago nearby. Just call to make a reservation ahead as we are keeping pretty busy a few days out… tell them your trail names and that Ryan sent you. Just something small I can do in return for you both being a great inspiration for all of us!

  4. First off, Congrats Darwin on completing the PCT…Class of 2018 ROCKS!
    Second, sounds like neither of you is slowing down any…this is a wonderdul thing! So glad that you can have aome together time and enjoy some together adventures again.
    And last but not least…Darwin, keep those videos coming…and Snuggles…keep us posted!

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