Purple Rain Adventure Skirt Review

Reviewed By: Snuggles

Specs For A Size Medium (Size 8-10) Skirt:

• Length 20”
• Skirt is 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex Blend
• DWR Finish (Waterproof)
• Moisture-wicking stretchy waistband
• Waistband is 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
• Two Velcro Cargo Pockets
• Two Regular Pockets (built within the Cargo Pockets)
Overall Impression:

Love it even more than my other skirts! I was immediately interested in the Purple Rain Adventure skirt due to the stretchy and soft waistband which is extremely comfortable. I was also attracted by the fact these skirts are handmade and designed by a female long-distance hiker, Mandy “Purple Rain” Bland who tested this skirt design herself on the PCT.

In Action:

Great on the trail! I can get a FULL range of motion with this skirt and do not feel restricted in any way. It’s extremely light and seems to fit any body form due to the stretchy waistband which also allows it to stay in place. I did not experience the skirt “riding up” in any way while out on trail or in just normal day use.

The skirt is flowy and soft and I can comfortably wear running shorts, tights, underwear, etc. under it without my stomach feeling cut off by tons of elastic. It is also long enough to not wear anything underneath without feeling totally exposed. As with most adventure and hiking skirts, it’s extremely easy to take a pee or poo out in the wilderness while wearing one and the Purple Rain Skirt is no exception.

Great for everyday! I went with Black for my skirt and find I can wear it for almost any occasion. A black skirt can easily be dressed up or down which makes this comfortable skirt a great option even for the 9 to 5 lifestyle.


Honestly, It was hard to find any downfalls in this skirt. It was very clear it was designed by someone who knows what works and what doesn’t. If there was one thing I could mention as a possible downfall it would maybe be that the pockets, when loaded with heavier items, pull/stretch the skirt. The weight, for instance, of a cell phone, pulls down and stretches the material. This wasn’t awful but I could noticeably feel the pull in the material making the skirt feel not as comfortable.

It should be noted, however, the Purple Rain Adventure Skirt is designed as a hiking skirt and maybe not so much to carry or pack heavier items. If you’re wearing this skirt in the field, your probably going to be wearing a pack of some sort that would be carrying heavier items anyways. The pockets, however, are perfect for lighter items such as a small wallet, lip gloss, tissue, etc. This again is just something I noticed when carrying a phone in the pocket, which even though I feel the pull of the material, I still do.

I have also worried about the material of the skirt becoming snagged and torn due to being on the thinner side. As of date, I have noticed no holes or snags after a lot of wear and in field use


$64.99 for a basic Adventure Skirt (available in Black, Purple, and Sandstone)

Purple Rain does offer Kilts and customized orders. For these prices, you will need to check out the website.


I have had this skirt for over a month and wear it a LOT. It’s extremely comfortable and I have gotten rid of several specific hiking shorts due to wearing my Adventure Skirt more. I really, really love the waistband and would say it’s my favorite feature of the skirt. I love the way it’s designed to wear as a “low rider” or below the belly button. I don’t feel any uncomfortable pressure from the fabric that would leave indentions on my skin as elastic waistbands often due and experience no rubbage from the waistband. I personally tend to become bloated during my period and find this skirt is even comfortable to wear then.

I have come to realize I really love wearing skirts during my travels but this skirt is now deemed my official hiking skirt. I have never exactly considered myself a “girly girl” by any means but have found skirts are way more functional for the active lifestyle especially the hiker.

Overall, I would totally recommend a Purple Rain skirt! It is designed and handmade by a lady hiker so it fits in all the right places and is functional in every way a lady needs!

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13 thoughts on “Purple Rain Adventure Skirt Review

  1. Hi, I enjoy your articles very much , but have always wondered about this very topic.

    I honestly don’t understand why a woman would prefer a skirt over a comfortable pair of hiking shorts or pants if it was colder. The skirt is not as functional as shorts with pockets and belt loops or drawstrings (when the elastic gets worn out). The coverage and modesty downside of the skirt makes it impractical when hiking over rugged terrain with company, and then would necessitate another article of clothing needed to be worn underneath the skirt (unnecessary added weight!). And the cost is prohibitive when compared to a good pair of hiking shorts. For functionality and comfort are prime when it comes to hiking the miles.

  2. I too enjoy your articles – thanks. You give a thorough, fair review, and my experience matches what you report. After many months of walking, hiking, and everyday wear (including my exercise walk early this morning), I understand why men and women can prefer this skirt over a comfortable pair of hiking shorts or pants. Ms. Bland’s design is as functional and more comfortable than my Baggies or other hiking shorts with pockets – especially for cool to hot temps. When I’m walking without my pack’s hip belt, I wear an Arcade ranger slim belt from REI on top of the skirt’s elastic waistband. This is a comfortable solution for the iPhone-in-pocket pull down issue. Perhaps future design will add a flat drawstring option. I’ve found no need for underwear to maintain my skirt’s coverage and modesty compared to 1 to 5 inch inseam running shorts, even when hiking over rugged terrain with company. As a male, I’ve received positive reaction and comments when walking in my Purple Rain skirt. I concur with your review’s conclusion.

  3. I just last month purchased a Purple Rain skirt after a lot of research. I’m pretty active and decided (in part inspired by DOTT videos!🙂) to start backpacking at age 60 with my husband and section hike the PCT. I wear skirts/dresses in my daily life and because of the way I’m built (long legs/very short waist-rise) have struggled all my life to find pants or shorts that fit right. Hiked up Mt Rainier this summer in a skirt and it was awesome! Comfortable, freedom of movement, nothing digging in my waist. And easy easy to modestly answer the call of nature. Without removing your pack. Glad to support this brand and if it has the Snuggles/Darwin seal of approval I know I’m on the right track. Glad there are so many options for backpacking gear these days. 👍🏻

  4. Super Cool! Thanks for sharing Sensible Walker! I also TOTALLY never thought of using a slim belt! I still have mine from my hardcore running days, thanks for the idea!! WhooHOO! – Snuggles

  5. Hey Becky! I think skirts are a personal preference. I used to feel the same way until I tried one. This skirt is meant to be worn below your navel so it is actually longer then most running shorts. When colder outside I throw on a pair of tights with shorts so that process is actually easier with a skirt for me. Again just a personal preference. I find both functionality and comfort with this skirt so it’s worth it for me! – Snuggles

  6. Being 60ish myself, I recommend that you encourage your husband to enjoy the benefits of Ms. Bland’s skirt or kilt design on your next walk! I’ve tried both styles and settled on the skirt for hiking. Agree that we should support this brand.

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